January 23, 2015

Volcanic Explosions!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • My waking up early and exercising failed miserably again this week-I guess 1 out of 5 days isn't too bad.  Robby said that it was too cold to wake up early and get out of bed but I thought that was a pretty sorry excuse-until 6 this morning and then I thought it being too cold outside of my bed sounded like a pretty good excuse.
  • So we woke up a bit later than usual but everyone had started by 8:30.  One of the main items on today's agenda was finishing up those oral reports.  We did manage to do that and now all that is left is picking some pictures and gluing them on a board to show as they speak.  Now we just have lots and lots of practicing that needs to be done.
  • Fridays are just a different kind of day here.  Campbell is home which adds another element to our school day but also we don't have to do spelling or language so that also changes things.  But for some reason every Friday, the kids are struggling to finish their work-I guess that is all attributed to Campbell and the life that she brings to our day (I made that sound all nice didn't I?)
  • We had lunch and I have been pretty proud of myself lately-not serving sandwiches for lunch.  Yep, the kids hurt my feelings a while back saying that I only know how to cook sandwiches so I vowed that they would miss the days of sandwiches (ha, not really, I am sure that we will have some soon.)  Today's meal was leftovers-that meat that Robby didn't like last night, leftover mac and cheese from yesterday, leftover bread from bunko and finishing off the last of the grapes.  Later during science we ate the rest of the cookies that Robby and I made late last night-clean out the fridge day was deemed a success!
  • A few years ago, we went to a birthday party and the kids all did volcanoes so I had brought those home and saved them for a rainy day.  Well, this was not a rainy day but we still used them today-it was quite the experience.  Keaton was a bit terrified the first time her volcano exploded with baking soda and vinegar.  Whitman apparently liked the taste of vinegar mixed with baking soda so I had to keep my eye on him the entire time.  But my big people emptied my bottle of vinegar and would have used my entire 5 lb bag of baking soda had I let them.  
  • After I cleaned up that mess, it was late in the afternoon and the kids watched some movies and had a snack-I was kind and let them have some of my nutella.   Then it was time for supper-leftover soups from bunko and then more cookies for my people that made a happy bowl (though Anderson didn't eat any of his corn or tomatoes-he is so strange to me.  Dr. Martin made him promise her that he would try new things-I  made him eat a strawberry and grape the other day.  Today, I told him that if he didn't eat some corn, he would have to write her a letter and tell her why he wasn't trying new things!)
  • Then it was a pretty low key evening-kindles, showers, a game or two with Keaton and Campbell and then bedtime!  Now to find something to watch on tv or to finish my book-choices, choices!

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