January 9, 2015

Typical school desk position, right?
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  • Friday morning and no one was moving to swiftly around here.  Whitman was the first one up and I took him upstairs to wake the others up-this always helps get them up quickly.  During breakfast, we read our Matthew 5.  I know this is the first week but we have so far been able to keep up with the church's NT reading-hopefully we can keep up since it will be kind of neat for the kids to have heard/read the entire New Testament.  
  • School is always a bit more hectic with Campbell home-which frightens me greatly since she will be home all next year.  She, Whitman and Keaton played well but their playing well during school left my bedroom trashed-I had Reagan and then Graham go in and pick up 50 things and it was still a mess when they were finished.  My Campbell used to be all gung ho about doing school work but not really anymore.  She does do her phonics pages happily but other than that she just wants to play-I did make her do her reading book with me but other than that, I did just let her play.  
  • Since it was Friday, there was no spelling work to do so we finished school about 20 minutes early and I sat down in the kitchen and had my lunch in peace and quiet-all this while everyone else was filming an episode of WipeOut in their bedroom.  Reagan is usually the announcer while the boys take turns being the camera man and running the obstacle course (up and down the bunk beds.)  Yesterday, Reagan was interviewing her first contestant and said "Anderson, tell us a little bit about yourself." Anderson replied "I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and have 5 brothers and sisters.  I wanted to be a track star when I was young but that didn't happen."  
  • Keaton couldn't wait for the afternoon because I had told her that after lunch she could pack for Grannymom's house and pack she did.  I am not really sure what all was packed but I did make sure she had something other than a short sleeved shirt to wear tomorrow (her Elsa shirt is her favorite shirt ever and that is all she would prefer to wear.)  When Grannymom and Grandpa came to pick Keaton up, she grabbed all of her bags and then picked up my kindle. Ha, that child thought she needed a kindle to take someplace.  
  • Anderson was pretty pumped about packing too because tonight he had his first real sleepover to celebrate Owen's birthday.  I know he will be fine but I will be very interested in everything-my little boy is growing up.  When I dropped him off tonight, he just walked on in and didn't even tell me bye.  Aww!
  • This afternoon was spent using Robby's new magic eraser sponges-our cabinets are almost sparkling with 5 scrubbers working on them.  Then the kids watched their movies while Campbell and I cooked.  Earlier in the day, Graham made cookies completely by himself-including getting them out of the oven (though I did help a lot with that task).  They were the break apart type of cookies but I talked him through the process and he was pretty pleased with himself-said that he wanted to make grilled cheese next.  
  • I had to run to the library tonight and then we dropped off Anderson before going out to eat.  It is pretty easy eating out with only 4 Dennie kids-especially eating bbq because all of my crew loves bbq.  
  • When we came home,  the kids had a snack and then showers.  Afterwards, I put Whitman to bed and the kids stayed up a bit later.  Reagan was working on an art project and worked and worked on her wrapping paper for a friend's birthday gift.  Then it was bedtime and the kids were pretty tired and I hope that they sleep well since tomorrow will be a busy day.

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