January 14, 2015

Why yes, I am a Mess!
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  • Tonight, I told Robby as we were walking down the stairs from tucking in the kids, that whenever we finish Wednesdays, and especially days that we have few meltdowns (by the kids or by me) I feel like I deserve a medal!  That is the kind of days Wednesdays are-they are busy, long, tiring yet wonderful.
  • I guess you learn to do what you have to do but seriously, I don't think I could ever get my crew out the door in time for real school every single day.  We struggle to get Robby and Campbell gone on her school days but on Wednesdays we seem to get up in the mornings and do it well. 
  • Before breakfast, potties were cleaned and trash was emptied.  Then it was time for a quick breakfast followed by time to load up and head to Bible study.  On the way, we listened to our history timelines and the kids all sang along-even Whitman.  He sings at the top of his lungs and it is quite entertaining to hear him singing along with the others. 
  • Then it was Bible study-we (Reagan, Anderson and I) are deep in the book of Esther and the others learned about Jesus being baptized.  When it was all over, I picked up everyone including Whitman who was again still wearing his jacket.  Campbell's class is in the indoor playroom when we pick them up so she never has on her shoes or socks-drives me crazy! And Reagan and Anderson are having so much fun in their class that they are in no hurry to leave.
  • We ran by Grannymom's house to drop a little something off and then it was to Rock Creek to meet our friends.The kids played and played-we watched them today and most of their time was spent playing a game in one little area of the tubes.  Like a 10x10 area-I thought we could have just gone home and they could have played the same game upstairs.  I don't think that they would have gone for that though.
  • Next up was Beebee-she was anxious to see the kids after not getting to see them last week. (She thought she had the flu but was just confused.)  She wanted to know all about the ballgame and of course the boys told her all about it.  We gathered quite a crew of people watching the kids and my Whitman was happy to put on a show running around the couch and trying to push Beebee in her wheelchair.
  • After our visit was over (and the kids tummys were full of candy) we headed home.  Keaton slept in her sleeping bag for her nap the other day but this time Campbell wanted to sleep beside Keaton since they were both so tired.  That is what she told me and even though I knew no one would be getting any sleep, I still let them.  They worked for 30 minutes getting their areas ready for a nap and then were upstairs for about an hour (long enough for the rest of us to do science, read and for them to start a movie and me to do some chores).  I am pretty sure they came downstairs only because they were afraid that they were going to miss snack time.
  • The afternoon really flew by and soon it was supper time.  Robby brought home pizza and we ate and then loaded up a bit early, as we usually do, so I could run into the library.  My Graham pretty much is a speed reader and flies through books so I came home with quite a few for him to read in the next few weeks.  
  • Then it was church tonight-Campbell made pipe cleaner glasses and she was so, so proud of them until Whitman grabbed them once we got home.  I was able to repair them so all is now well in the world.  Reagan won a slinky and a lollipop and Graham got play money for a prize tonight-it is the little things in life!
  • Once at home, the kids had a little snack and then it was bedtime for everyone.  Anderson was already talking about next week when we go back to Rock Creek-he wants for Whitman to climb to the top with them so they can go down the slide together. 

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