January 19, 2015

A trip to the zoo!
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  • I guess since we did go to bed a bit after 10 last night, it did make it a bit easier to get up at a decent time.  I didn't like waking up for some treadmill time and in fact, I was pretty mad about it but I put on my big girl panties and got on that blasted treadmill.  
  • When I did come back downstairs, the little girls were in bed with Robby but by the time I had finished getting ready, pretty much everyone was awake.  That was good since we needed to get our day started early.  We ate our breakfast and then everyone started on their school work.  
  • Things went fairly well-Graham did get a bit distracted but I took him to Robby's office (his real office-not his office in the closet) and sat him down to work.  He did wonderful there and knocked his school work out in no time at all.  I may just move Graham permanently-that is how well it worked.  This obviously helped Anderson with his work-my Anderson even was working on his work before we had started breakfast.  
  • We didn't have a ton of time at home and at 10, we started picking up downstairs and getting everyone ready.  Then we were out the door to pick up Grannymom, Lilli and Cash.  Lots of other folks had the same idea as we did about going to the zoo today but that was fine because even though the parking lot of crowded, we didn't see too many crowds inside the gates.
  • At the beginning of our walk through the zoo, the animals seemed to avoid our group-sitting very still (monkeys) or walking into their cage (anteater).  I wonder why the animals would scurry away from our group?-Ha! Our band of 8 kiddos was pretty noisy trying to woo the animals out of their cages or hiding spots with whistles, hoots and any possibly animal sound.
  • Robby found us at the zoo and the kids were happy to see him.  He stayed with us until we made it to the playground and then he ran back to work.  The kids played and played on the playground until they decided that they might be just a bit hungry-it was well after noon and nearing 1.
  • We then walked by the elephants and then to the tigers and lions.  And then back to the exit-Reagan and Lilli worked for the longest time trying to figure out the fastest way out of the zoo. Thankfully, they finally agreed that the fastest way out was the way that we were actually going to go!  We did stop back by the monkeys because they were making quite the commotion and pretty much as soon as we came, they stopped their show and went into their cage.
  • Next stop for our crew was the park for lunch.  The kids pretty much devoured their lunches and then went back to their play.  Anderson did bang his head pretty hard and immediately had a huge bump with a good scratch on the top of his head but he was tough and soon was back playing.  Keaton and Whitman loved the swings and Campbell really enjoyed walking up and down the huge log.  
  • After plenty of playtime, we headed home.  I dropped off Lilli, Cash and Grannymom and then we went home.  Whitman and Keaton were sound asleep when we made it home.  Whitman didn't even stir when I hauled him upstairs and changed his diaper.  Keaton woke up pretty quick and looked at me and said "I don't have to take a nap, do I?"  I let her stay up while the kids watched their movies for a bit and I worked.
  • When Robby came home, we started on our pizzas.  The kids loved making their pizzas and everyone was thrilled that their pizzas came out well-these probably were the best pizzas we had made so far.  Though the cinnamon pizza was a bit overdone but we sure did devour it!  
  • Before we realized it, the clock said 7!  Whoa, what happened to our evening?  We still had showers to do but they were done quickly and then it was bedtime for the crew.

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