January 28, 2015

A bit under the weather...

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  • So this wasn't exactly the day that I had planned but it ended with Chinese food so that made it pretty good all things considered.  We all went to Bible study and right before we left the house, I almost had a panic attack (not really).  I had made snack for Reagan and Anderson's class and remembered as we were walking out the door that when I made the brownies, I was also making mac and cheese.  When I made the mac and cheese, I put almond milk in it and then turned right around and added water to the brownies using the same measuring cup.  But kids in their class have nut allergies so my cross contamination wouldn't have been good for them.  We never have almond milk here (Robby got it free) so I wasn't even thinking.  Reagan said that it was all fine and they had another snack for the nut boy.
  • When we did get to Bible study today, there was quite a bit of excitement in our car because I parked by the car they always want me to park by.  Imagine my big old van parked beside a little bitty 2 seater car.  The kids just walked around that car a few times looking at how tiny it was-someone said "I don't even think you and Daddy could get in there."
  • After Bible study, we ran to Grannymom's house to see them for a bit and to meet Robby who had been to a funeral. Then we went to Sams for lunch-they were selling hot dogs and hamburgers out front for a fundraiser so we filled our buggy with lunch for all of us.  We went into Sams and sat down and ate-seriously, that was the best hamburger that I have had in a long, long while.  Afterwards, we walked up and down a few aisles and even picked up some pictures for Reagan's scrapbook.
  • Then Robby took Campbell home with him because she might have been a bit warm but was acting tired.  She went home and had a 2-3 hour nap while the rest of us went to visit Beebee. She was in a good mood today and happy to pass our her candy to the kids.  My Whitman was happy to sit in Beebee's lap (briefly) and kiss and hug on her.  
  • My boys were a bit antsy about getting home to play their kindles-they earned a new kindle game yesterday raking leaves and were anxious to play it today (that is why they had cleaned all the potties and emptied all the trash cans before I was out of bed this morning).  
  • Once we were finally home, we did a bit of review for our oral reports and then the kids watched movies until all of my sleeping people woke up (Keaton, Campbell and Whitman).  I had called Nonna and asked if Campbell could spend the evening with them while we went to church.  And that was the plan for about an hour but soon Campbell start wheezing a lot. Nonna and Pops would have panicked if they had heard her wheezing like she was (we nearly did) and we wouldn't have been ok with her going to sleep tonight like that so I jumped in the car with her and we tried out a new after hours clinic.    
  • Let's just say that I was very impressed-by their Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and Keurig machine in the waiting room.  At the time, I debated eating a cookie-they looked so yummy but then again, had people with the flu been breathing on those cookies (hindsight-I would have eaten a cookie since I have already been exposed to the flu.)
  • We were there quite a long time but my Campbell was thoroughly checked out.  They checked her throat, lungs, ears and pulse ox.  They gave her Tylenol and a breathing treatment and we even had a chest xray along with a flu and rsv test.  
  • At first my Campbell looked sickly and felt sick but I guess after the Tylenol kicked in, she and I played a grand (and probably too noisy) game of play catch with her new bear around the room.  The clinic gave her a tiny bear and this was great encouragement for her.  But when it came time to do the breathing treatment with that noisy, smoking nebulizer machine-she was going to have none of it.  I quickly went into the spiel about the 2 nice ladies wanting to help her get better and could see I was getting no where with that so I went down another road..."want some ice cream when we leave here?"  And as you can guess, that went over pretty well and she did her breathing treatment as I held the phone for her to watch a movie and then talked to the doctor.
  • She does have the flu and the optimistic (not really) doctor said that we would all probably get it.  Hopefully that won't happen.  He said to treat her with tylenol, some cold medicine and tamiflu.  The breathing treatment helped her some but not enough for him to prescribe her any medicine for that-though I plan on sneaking her some of Anderson's asthma medicine.  
  • After leaving the clinic, we went to get our ice cream and then picked up her prescription. Then we called all of the grandparents so they could hear that Campbell was doing well-bouncing off of the walls would be a more accurate term.   Once at home, she changed, had her first dose of medicine and then planned her evening (sleeping in our room, going to bed with some mac and cheese and her diary beside her and watching a movie after the others go to bed-it is tough being sick at the Dennie's house).  
  • Robby managed with everyone at church but he didn't do my Bible study for me as I usually do on Wednesday nights.  The healthy kids were happy to see Campbell and even a bit concerned about her.  And in about 3 seconds, she was hugging on Whitman-I had talked to her for about 15 minutes about staying away from him but I guess old habits are hard to break. 
  • We put everyone to bed and told them that our homeschool day was moved back a week so we all could be healthy.  That actually works out perfect for Campbell because that also moves our Valentine's party back a week which was going to conflict with Campbell's school v-day party.
  • It is 10:27 and Campbell is in our room going strong-her movie has been watched, her diary complete and her mac and cheese gone.  My last walk through caused her to get us and show me exactly what the door did when the heater came on.  I am afraid it is going to be a long night unless I can get some benedryl in that girl so she will sleep!

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