January 20, 2015

Ringing up the sales!

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  • We went to bed a bit later last night so when the alarm went off, I kept hitting the snooze and didn't make it to the treadmill. There is always tomorrow...
  • The kids stirred one by one and soon there were 4 kids in the bed which meant it was time for us to get up.  It was a Ms. Stacy day for Campbell so she got dressed, we started breakfast and soon she and Robby were out the door.
  • Back here we got busy with school because it was another day to leave the house.  Everyone had a productive day of school.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school, we had lunch here and then packed up and headed to Nonna's where I trade Reagan, Keaton, Whitman and Graham for Campbell. She and Anderson had their annual doctor visit with Dr. Martin.  No major concerns and we were out of there about as soon as we had arrived.
  • We booked up back to Nonna's where we had time to visit with Pops for just a little bit as he was getting home from work.  But then we had to hurry home because we had lots to do around the house since Bunko was here tonight.  I let the kids do some chores in between their movie.  Just as Robby was getting home, it was one of the "chore" times and you would have thought I had had the kids doing chores for hours the way their faces were.  But soon they were back to watching movies, Robby quickly mopped the kitchen and I finished getting my food ready.  The menu tonight was a choice of chili or Zuppa Toscana along with apple cake or oooey-gooey.
  • Robby left around 6:00 so I could finish getting the house ready. He had told me to not get gas because he had a $1 off at Kroger. I told him he only had 4 miles - so he did put in a gas can just in case.  He said he got nervous half way because it said 1 mile left so he pulled over and put a bit of gas in. It didn't really register because he drove about 3 miles more with the reading saying "0" miles left. But he made it to Kroger and put 30 gallons of gas for less than $30.  Oh, it would be so nice to be able to fill the "bus" up for only 30 each time but we will take what we can get.
  • They ended up at McDonald's where Reagan had to go to the bathroom as soon as they got there - that was good because everyone was right there. Later, middle of the way through dinner, Keaton had to go.  So everyone had to get up and go - nothing like taking 6 kids towards the bathroom in the McDonald's - always funny to see the stares of folks (so Robby says).  The kids played and played and even got Whitman to go up the big slide 2 or 3 times. He was smiling each time he came down.
  • They packed up and headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's.  Everyone took a quick shower, played with the toys and watched a movie or too - probably meant Grannymom and Grandpa didn't get to watch their regular shows since Full House and Jesse were the kids selections tonight.
  • By 9:00, the kids were hollering for another snack so Robby decided to head home.  There was still some oooey-gooey left so they had quick snack, gave hugs, brushed their teeth and went to bed. It will be another early morning (well, for us) since Bible Study is tomorrow.

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