January 2, 2015

Trying a new BBQ joint in Hot Springs!
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  • We did wake up a bit earlier this morning but not by a whole lot.  Campbell and Keaton joined us sometime this morning in our bed.  I was sandwiched in between them and eventually decided that there would be more room at the foot of the bed but then I decided there were too many feet down there to avoid, so I rolled on to the floor.  I found a blanket and pillow but then couldn't go back to sleep so I pulled out Nonna's book to read some before everyone else started stirring.  Soon though I was upstairs making an igloo with one of Anderson's new Christmas toys.  I told Robby where I was going and he grunted as if that was a normal thing to do on a Friday morning-make an igloo.
  • We finished our book (The Family Under the Bridge) this morning at breakfast.  The book made me thankful for our house and family that would take us in if need be but the book probably made the kids a bit fearful of being homeless!  In the book, the family was homeless in Paris, at least the kids won't have to worry about us being homeless in Paris at least.
  • This morning was pretty much a nothing morning.  I picked up and picked up and picked up some more.  Robby wondered aloud what would happen if we didn't pick up anything for a week and unfortunately, my answer was that the house would probably look pretty much like it does now.  The kids really only play with the same things for a while so they play with it, I put it up and they pull it out again over and over.  I guess it is a good thing to see them playing with their toys-they are only little so long.
  • The Hawkins came by and picked Graham up for lunch.  They went to All Aboard and then back to their house.  Graham had a blast and loved playing laser tag-who knew you could play laser tag at your house?  The rest of us loaded up to go and eat BBQ in Hot Springs at McClards....
  • And they were closed!  Robby had looked on their website and even thought about calling to make sure but didn't.  The kids went into panic mode when we told them it was closed.  They started lamenting that they were oh, so hungry and then started suggesting fast food places that they saw.  No worries, because Robby had a plan B and it was another BBQ joint just down the road (Smokin' In Style).  It was good, not the McClards we had in mind, but BBQ is pretty much BBQ so all were happy....
  • Until we left our leftovers on the table.  Robby wasn't too happy then!  He hadn't even tried the meat since he was busy eating the tamale and had planned on eating his share of BBQ tonight for supper.  It was about 2 sandwiches worth of meat, at least a pint of beans and almost that much potato salad.  But on the bright side, we remembered to get all of the kids in the car before leaving!
  • On the way home, we had to stop of a Sonic drink-not really sure if Robby was thirsty or if he thought it would settle Whitman down. He wasn't too crazy about the long-ish drive today or maybe he was upset about leaving those leftovers too.  Then we all stopped to visit Beebee for a little bit.  She was in good spirits so that made things easier-we didn't stay too long because my Keaton was ready to leave-she had plans for tonight.
  • Then a quick trip to Walmart for Robby and picking up Graham.  We only had to turn around twice on our way to pick him up so that wasn't too bad.  Then we finally made it to Keaton's destination-Nonna's house.  That girl was so excited to get to spend the night.  She also couldn't wait to make face pancakes like Graham had one time.  And Campbell kept urging her to watch Frosty the Snowman because it would be on tv at 8.  Unfortunately, Frosty was only on when Campbell had spent the night at Nonna's house-I tried and tried to tell her but she never understood this.
  • Back at home, the kids played on their kindles while I worked on that blasted tree for a bit. Actually, it isn't too bad but is just going to take me longer than I thought-especially when I only go out to work for 10 minutes at a time.  Then it was supper time for all followed by ice cream truck.  We had forgotten about ice cream truck a few nights lately so everyone was excited about this non-Sunday night ice cream eating.  Then it was bed time-we are trying to go to bed a bit earlier each night to get used to next week when things get busy again!

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