January 30, 2015

Yummy Muffin!

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  • What a difference a day makes! Campbell (and I) slept wonderfully well last night and that was really wonderful. Robby did sneak off to the bonus room to sleep since he had work today but Campbell was adorable begging us to sleep beside her-I did until I woke up at 12:30 and then moved to my bed.  Soon Campbell was right beside me and she stayed there sound asleep (only once asking to take a shower-denied!) until after 8 this morning.
  • Robby left for work and the rest of us started on a bit of school.  The kids had done math and phonics yesterday so that eased their load quite a bit.  And since we were not doing spelling or language today, school was done in plenty of time for the kids to have lots of kindle time this morning.
  • Keaton started making snowmen with her paper plates.  The paper plates came in her box of art stuff from Grannymom for Christmas.  Next year she should just ask for paper plates for Christmas.  Keaton made snowmen for everyone for us to hang at Whitman's birthday. Campbell made a snowman and gave it to Nonna and Reagan made a snowman to hang on our front door.
  • Around noon, Nonna came over to pick Reagan up for the evening.  I am sure that Reagan convinced Nonna to take her out on the town this afternoon.  And in pictures from this evening, it even looked like they were making necklaces so I know that she was having a great time.
  • When Nonna left, we started a movie that the kids rented last night.  The kids loved the movie and I slept through it all!  Seriously, I guess that I am not as young as I used to be-one night of not sleeping has caught up with me but after my nap I felt much better.
  • The boys started a few more shows while Campbell, Keaton and I worked on valentines.  My Whitman slept-well, actually he didn't sleep much.  I think that he really understood that he was going to have a big night at out Grannymom's house and was too excited to sleep.  
  • When Robby came home, we dropped off Whitman and then headed to go and eat.  We had a groupon for a restaurant but the huge note on the door said that they were no longer taking the groupon.  
  • We decided that we weren't going to eat there if we couldn't use our deal so I suggested the grilled cheese place.  Robby knew right where it was and we headed that direction.  The traffic was horrible and just a few miles took at least 30 minutes.  We pulled into the shopping center and drove around and drove around and the grilled cheese place wasn't there.  We did find a plan B but googled where my first choice was and it was about 2 blocks away from the first restaurant that we were at!  
  • Plan B was Little Greek and it was delicious.  Campbell, who feels wonderful today, gobbled down her food like she hadn't eaten in a week.  The boys loved to eat the pita pieces but when their grilled cheese came out on pita bread, they were no longer pleased but they did love their fries.  
  • Afterwards, we walked around Fresh Market and it was quite the experience.  All my Graham could say was "the prices here are so high."  Wonder where he gets that?  We did leave with muffins but I could have found many more things to take home.  Once at home, we ate our muffins and then it was bedtime for the kids...except Campbell.
  • I think she enjoyed the extra attention from being sick and when I told her that she could sleep in our bedroom one more time, she was delighted.  Of course the first question out of her mouth was "can I take a shower?"  Since it was early, I did let her and then promptly put her to bed!  

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