January 21, 2015

Hug or a choke hold?

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  • I guess after having Bunko guests hanging out at the house until nearly 12 and then cleaning up the kitchen, it is no wonder that I was tired this morning. The kids were just as tired-I guess they really did have a big time at McDonalds and then at Grannymom's house.  We did get moving in time to even eat our regularly scheduled breakfast item-waffles and pancakes.  
  • Also had time to empty the trash cans before loading up to head to Bible study.  We were just out of the driveway when Keaton asked about going to the potty.  I didn't remember her going this morning so we did make quick turn around and her and Reagan ran back in the house.  I offered to go inside with her but she took Reagan up-I was surprised because Keaton is the one always worried about getting left.  
  • Bible study was good and the kids were delighted and flabbergasted to learn that we were going to Larry's pizza for lunch.  My Bible study group all met there and even though it did cost a small fortune compared to our usual Wednesday brown bag lunch, it was lots of fun.  I made the kids eat their weight in pizza before I let them play the games.  I handed each of them 4 tokens to play with-that made most of them happy but Campbell wasn't too pleased when she ran out and I didn't pass her out more tokens.  I tried to explain that this was not a birthday party and 4 tokens would be all that she would receive!
  • My Graham was so sweet-he picked out his little toy and then got a tootsie roll for Whitman. My Whitman sat in his high chair by me eating away-he loved the cheese pizza and cinnamon pizza.  A worker lady brought him a ball to play with and he was so, happy.  He just looked at it and looked at it and would grin whenever he touched him. 
  • We then went home for a bit of work on our oral reports, science, naps and movies-I was one of those in the nap category today.  I could hardly keep my eyes open in this dark, cold house. I guess that I was lucky that I was able to get up and get supper for everyone.
  • We had our corn dogs and then headed off to church.  The kids had lots of fun and we could hear Campbell telling all of her friends and everyone that would listen that her momma and daddy were the puppets.  
  • Back at home, we quickly changed into our pajamas and then had our ice cream truck that had been delayed from Sunday.  Then it was bedtime for the Dennie crew!

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