January 8, 2015

Hanging the laundry!
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  • It was a chilly, chilly morning to take Campbell to school but Robby and Keaton bundled up and braved the weather to get that child to school today. We might possibly have thought about keeping her home but this was soup day and a child named Campbell can not miss a day at school where everyone looks at a book filled with soup labels and eats soup for snack.
  • While they were gone, we started out school-Whitman didn't seem to notice that he missed his usual Thursday ride to school.  We thought it was too cold for him to be out just for a ride.  The school kids here worked fairly well and I was even able to get my shower while the worked-at least I hoped that they worked while I was in the shower.
  • We finished school in time to do our together work-I let everyone have two pieces of candy so that helped keep Whitman and Keaton quiet while we said all of our verses, planets, presidents, skip counting and Bible books-except that candy in Reagan, Anderson and Graham's mouth caused them to not be too great at saying today's memory work.  They did however listen well to history-our last day to read about Daniel Boone.  
  • Ramen noodles were for lunch today and the kids devoured them (except for Whitman-who doesn't eat until he has been in his highchair for a good 45 minutes and the room is quiet with only me/Robby in the kitchen cleaning.  That is the only time that he will start to eat his food.)  I was surprised but they liked our quick and easy meal-I didn't eat those noodles often in college but just having a few bites today brought back many OBU memories.
  • After lunch the kids helped me pick up and bit and then they had some free time until Nonna and Campbell came home.  Sweet Campbell had made cookies for all of us at Nonna's house and then as they were driving home, Campbell made sure that Nonna knew that there was road construction in front of the gas station near our house. 
  • Once Campbell and Nonna came home, Nonna and I climbed in the car and left.  We went out shopping for my birthday present.  First, I found a photo album and bought it with one of my birthday gift cards and then we hit the clothes racks and found lots of new things for me to wear.  We had lots of fun shopping and ended our shopping with drinks from Starbucks for the ride home.  
  • When Nonna walked into our door, Whitman saw her and said "Nonna" and then after she picked him up, he said "Pop?"  That sweet baby was looking for Pops.  And then when Nonna left, Whitman grabbed Nonna's hand and looked up at me and said "see ya."  Ha!  That little booger was trying to get out of this place!  
  • There was no need to go anywhere because Robby was busy in the kitchen cooking up a delicious supper-chicken tortillas with rice and beans.  The kids loved his tortillas because they asked for thirds but we opted to save those servings for lunch tomorrow (maybe, if I remember.)
  • We didn't do a whole lot tonight-the kids just played and before bed, we did watch a cartoon about Esther-our Bible study is currently about Esther and our Bible story book that we read before bed is at Esther right now as well.  Then it was bedtime for all around here-another great day!

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