January 18, 2015

The Razorback is tired...
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  • Sunday morning was pretty uneventful here.  Powdered donuts for breakfast and then church clothes for all.  This morning when I was in the shower, Campbell came by and asked "are you sure these are my church clothes?"  I asked "your black leggings and striped dress that I laid out beside your bed?" She replied "yes but they are dressy enough."  I told her that they were perfectly dressy enough but it took her a while to be convinced of that.  She sometimes is nothing like Reagan who rarely wears what I lay out for her and would be happy in her "Sunday jeans" each and every Sunday.  
  • We were at church in time to see both sets of grandparents.  I do believe that my kiddos make quite the commotion running from one side of the church to the other while seeing everyone but really, that doesn't bother me at all-I love seeing my little commotions running through the church house.  
  • After church, lunch was at Grannymom's house and my crew was ready to go outside and play.  They were only outside for about 30 minutes but still everyone needed showers when we came home.  How does that happen?  We don't smell like that after being outside for just a bit-or maybe we do.  We might could have fabreezed them but we opted for showers when we came home.  
  • Whitman was the only nap taker this afternoon.  Keaton and Campbell started out taking a nap in the bonus room like yesterday but that didn't work out too well so they didn't snooze.  I worked a bit and soon it was time to start back to choir.  All my kiddos love choir so I think they were glad to be back and Keaton loves getting a cookie with Robby everyone was happy. Whitman also had a cookie and enjoyed playing in the coffee shop and bookstore.  Hope no one was planning on being quiet while in there tonight. 
  • Big church was fine tonight and we had a pretty good bribe for the kids-a party at church.  We had a reception for a new staff member but all that really means to my kids is cookies and a drink and running around with the Stattons and Kamps.  And run around they did-we ran around until the party was over!  Once at home, it was quickly time to put on pajamas and head to bed-tomorrow is a big day!

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