January 29, 2015

Our patient is trying to escape!

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  • It wasn't exactly the best night ever around here.  My Campbell wheezed and wheezed all night long.  At about 3, we had listened to all of that that we could so I just got her up.  I suggested a shower and she jumped on that.  I made sure it was really steamy and after her shower, Robby headed upstairs and Campbell and I watched a movie.  
  • Then she decided that she would like another shower and really, in the middle of the night I am pretty much game for anything that makes you feel better.  So we had another shower (seriously, she has probably had at least 10 showers today-maybe the steam helps or maybe the hot water makes her feel better.  Either way, they make her happy and that makes me happy-though the water bill probably won't make Robby happy!)
  • About 5, I sat her in my lap and we tried to sleep some and around 6, we moved to our bed to finish the rest of the night.  My boys were up around 7 and started on their list of chores.  I had already written out their list for today when I thought we were going to have our school people over so I just added a bit of school work.  I could tell they were moving to swiftly on their list for me so I suggested playing on their kindles for a few minutes-so we could snooze some more.
  • It was a pretty uneventful morning.  The kids did really well working through their lists of chores and school work.  At one point, Campbell and Keaton were looking at birds through the window and they asked me to open the window.  And before I knew it, Campbell had crawled through the window and was at the front door trying to ring the doorbell.  I am not really sure but I do not think that most children with the flu feel well enough to crawl through windows.  Thankfully, this morning she really did feel well and played pretty hard.
  • I made a creamy spinach and mozzarella pasta for lunch and as you can imagine it went over like a lead balloon.  I guess I should be glad they tried it-I did even make Robby eat some. Everyone choked some down (I thought it was pretty good) and then I made sure everyone understood that there would be no drink or food until late, late in the afternoon.  They will learn to like it because I have lots of leftovers-picky people!
  • Of course all of this playing caught up with her so she crashed this afternoon.  Her fever was back with a vengeance and she and I had a long nap on the couch (I was pretty exhausted from our night!)  We slept and slept while Whitman and Keaton also napped.  The others watched movies and even left us alone the entire time (it helped tremendously though that Robby was here to help so we could nap peacefully.)
  • We had supper and for some reason it took me more time to make sandwiches than it did to make a meal for lunch.  I was quite distracted but finally served up supper sandwiches.  Then my healthy crew minus Whitman headed out.  
  • Campbell had asked for nachos for supper so she ate in my room while watching a movie and Whitman had some cereal while buckled in his chair to watch the movie.  I worked swiftly in the school room to pull out school for the next few weeks.  Campbell had a shower or maybe two while they were gone (seriously the shower stuff is almost out of control).  Whitman enjoyed playing some but he was tremendously happy when the others arrived bearing doughnuts and hot chocolate for me.  
  • Campbell and I did have a struggle on taking her medicine.  She has decided that she does not like the taste of the tamiflu which is the non-negotiable medicine.  I begged and pleaded and she cried and gagged.  At one point she sobbed "I wish Keaton could be sick."  I said "oh, you want someone to be sick with you?" and she said "no, I just want for her to be sick and not me."  Reminds me of that song..."can you feel the love tonight?"
  • She finally did take her medicine-later we added some more tylenol, Anderson's inhaler and possible some cough and cold later tonight.  What ever it takes to get my baby feeling better-she had been pretty pitiful tonight.  Her biggest complaint right now is that her eyes are watery. I guess fever can cause that but I didn't know how to help and she didn't have any suggestions either. I think they improved when her fever came down some. 
  • Robby took the kids to the store to pick up some groceries which he said was quite an experience.  But the real shock came when he was at Krispy Kreme.  We don't really go there that often-maybe once every other month.  But the worker lady, who we have never spoken with, asked "are you by yourself tonight?"  Robby thought she meant the kids and he pointed out where they were.  Then she replied with "you are missing your wife and a couple of kids." Wow, the Krispy Kreme people know who we are-that must mean that we need to start going there less...or possibly start using the drive thru more often. 
  • Once at home, the kids practiced their oral reports tonight.  Reagan had asked to do it and then Keaton wanted to and then Campbell wanted to and then Graham.  Anderson came down and saw what was going on and then he quickly high tailed it back upstairs.  I guess whatever he was doing up there was more interesting than oral reports. 
  • We tucked everyone in upstairs and then tucked Campbell in downstairs.  Last check she was snoozing away already.  Hope she continues to sleep well tonight and hopefully everyone else will stay well too.   

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