January 4, 2015

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The start of Tara's birthday celebrations!

  • Well, we woke up on time (even though my blog readers didn't text to wake us up!)  We still had to do a bit of scurrying around and poor Whitman-he was just jerked out of his bed, changed and put into the car.  That doesn't bother him too much-it actually happened this afternoon on our way to church too.
  • We knew we were all having doughnuts for breakfast but Robby and I had to scurry around to get everyone's milks poured and into the car.  One of the boys even said today "there is nothing better than a Shipley's glazed doughnut" and I certainly agree....well, except maybe a Shipley's chocolate filled doughnut.  That is some good stuff and if you haven't supported your local Shipley's establishment lately then you need to!
  • Campbell sat by Robby in church this morning and she did make her bulletin rolled into a telescope again.  I swiftly grabbed it from her but I am sure the preacher man just looked our way and rolls his eyes on Sundays.  That poor child-at one time tonight during church I said "be still" and she replied "I can't."  And it is true, she just can not be still in church.  I think she really tries but I may just have to enroll her in Sunday school for two hours instead of big church and then Sunday school.
  • Lunch today was at Grannymom's house-I requested Mexican for my birthday so we had that. The kids so, so wanted to go outside and play and they did.  And pretty much immediately they came back inside one by one asking for coats.  Finally, we just had them all come inside-it was just too cold for that.  I opened up my presents and those kids weren't too excited about this-towels, pillows, icing bags and a gift card.  I guess the kids expected something more fun than those but that was exactly what I wanted!
  • We didn't have choir tonight at church so we did our normal Sunday afternoon routine-naps! Robby said that we weren't going to nap next Sunday afternoon so I told him that maybe he needed to have a plan for something for us to do.  We will see what he comes up with-I suggested making some freezer meals but I don't think he thought that was a good plan.  It took a while this afternoon but my Campbell eventually joined me for a nap-as soon as that baby lays down she is asleep and is the cuddliest thing ever.  We could have slept until bedtime on that couch upstairs.
  • Church tonight and Graham was thrilled that we got out about 6 minutes early-not that he was looking at the clock or anything.  When we came home, there was a note on the door saying "ice cream truck tonight"-Graham did not want for us to forget ice cream truck tonight and we didn't.  Robby has refilled the freezer and there was choices galore of ice cream treats. Whitman started singing when he saw Robby carrying in all of that ice cream!  Ice cream kind of makes me sing too! 

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