January 7, 2015

Tara celebrates another day!
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  • Today was a seriously busy day and this was our first busy Wednesday since early December.  Surprisingly, we did pretty well-I did have to make a few changes along the way so we could get it all done.  The first change was scrapping the idea of waffles and pancakes (frozen) and switching it with tomorrow's breakfast (pop tarts).  
  • This morning when Anderson was brushing his teeth, he shouted.  I didn't know what was wrong but then heard him say "I lost a tooth."  His 5th (maybe) tooth came out so that pretty exciting for him.  (Tonight when he went to bed, his tooth fairy pillow is wrapped tightly in a blanket and covered by a stuffed animal-good luck tooth fairy!)
  • The kids were up, dressed and working on their chores before we even did pull out breakfast.  I loved our holiday break but I guess that it is nice to get back into the swing of things after all-if we could just get back into the swing of things and still sleep late...and stay up late...and have holiday parties...and have holiday snacks!
  • We made it to Bible study early and even sat in the car for a few minutes before freezing our tails off walking to the front door.  When we walked under the awning, it was like we were in a wind tunnel.  I guess that Whitman was really chilled because he didn't want to take off his coat when the others took theirs off.  His teacher said that they tried at least 3 times and he did not want his coat off-so after Bible study when I picked him up, my baby was still warm and cozy in his heavy coat.  
  • We had lunch at Rock Creek and Jodee had a birthday cookie cake for me and all of my little friends to enjoy.  The kids gobble down half of their lunch and then run off to play but when I called them all down for my birthday dessert, everyone ran to join us!  
  • Everyone else left before we did-one child had to potty and took forever.  But that was fine since we had no where to go-Beebee might possibly have the flu again so we will catch her next week for her birthday.  
  • Once at home, I unloaded the car and put everything up.  I was going to keep Whitman up for a bit longer but that baby was tired so to bed he went.  Then Keaton was able to stay up until I had put everything up from our morning-lucky for her that takes a while.  She then went to bed for what seemed like just 10 minutes but was probably closer than an hour.  
  • The others watched their shows and I did a few chores.  Then I sat down to look at a magazine and Keaton and Campbell joined me.  They read one of my magazines-Campbell pointing out all of the store names and both girls finding "coupons" in the magazines.  They think that a coupon means you get something for free or you get to go someplace for free-Keaton thinks she is getting free lotion and Campbell thinks she is going to a pillow store.  
  • It didn't seem like too long until supper time-corn dogs tonight.  They used to be our standard Wednesday night meal but we haven't had them in a long time.  Graham and Keaton were the ones who were super excited about them.  The only difference is now the kids are a bit bigger and 3 of them wanted a second corn dog!  Eeek!
  • Church was good tonight and our puppet shows past quickly.  Reagan spent her bucks that she earned tonight and came home with a 3:16 Live shirt-she has been wanting one since the first day!  
  • Once at home, it was time for a quick change into pajamas, a bedtime snack and then bedtime for the crew.  Robby and I still had groceries to unload, laundry and dishes to do!

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