January 17, 2015-Happy Birthday Beebee

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Celebrating BeeBee's Birthday!

  • For a Saturday morning, we had pretty big plans-painting the kitchen.  Whitman was the first one awake this morning but since he is the best baby ever, we just let him talk in his bed until he fell back asleep.  We were able to get about 1 wall accomplished (same color, same paint but 6 kids leave lots of marks on the walls) before we woke Whitman up. 
  • The kids all ate while we painted-Robby did the rolling and I did most of the trim when I wasn't attending to the kids.  Reagan didn't wake up until 9:30-I guess she was pretty tired from staying out late last night at the Monster Truck show.  We were on our 2 or 3 little wall by the time that she did finally come downstairs.
  • The paint was easier than we thought so we were on a roll and Whitman sat in his seat watching us paint while talking and eating.  Whitman stayed in his seat until we had finished most of the walls in the kitchen-leaving only a bit left.  The problem in this house is where to stop painting since every single wall in the every single room-the dirty/scratched up walls continue throughout the entire house but the some walls are tall, tall and others are over carpet which makes things a bit trickier.  
  • The kitchen was finished by 11 and that gave us time to get ready for Beebee's birthday.  The kids were already ready-I did put Whitman in the shower with me and then left him in the shower playing in the water until Robby joined him later.  We had to keep him contained someway or another-lots of wet walls.  Actually, Robby has banned all children from coming into the kitchen for the rest of the year! 
  • Yesterday I had said that Beebe was 91 but Pops and Nonna were pretty sure that she is actually 92.  Nonna brought lunch to the conference room today and she had quite a spread-bbq, slaw (with pineapples-I had never had that before but it was delicious), potato salad, beans and chips.  She had even decorated the table with Beebee's cards and to top it off, she even had carrot cake (Beebee's favorite cake and probably mine too-actually, Robby said that I should have gone over to their house tonight to get us a to go piece.)
  • We celebrated with Beebee-singing her Happy Birthday again and helping her open her presents (a blanket, a calendar (from us), a pair of pants and a jacket and some Dr. Peppers-she has to have her "doctor" each day.  Then we brought our crew home for the afternoon.
  • The first thing the kids did when we came home was play outside for a bit.  Robby was climbing ladders on this side of the house and on that side of the house-light bulbs out.  We had one to replace and another that was out that we needed to buy replacements.  When we were almost going in, I did ask where Whitman was and Campbell said "he went that way" so I looked that way around the house and he wasn't there.  By the time I took off looking for him, he had already made it around to the other side of the house and Campbell shouted at me "he is over here now."  That little turkey was just taking a walk around the house.
  • Then we came back inside the house.  Whitman needed a nap so he went to sleep and my little girls needed a nap too.  They came upstairs with Robby and I and Robby convinced Keaton to lay down in the pack n play-he covered the pack n play up like a tent and she was thrilled.  Then Campbell, who really wanted to sleep in the pack n play too, laid down under the table in the bonus room-we made the table into a fort so she was all snug and cozy in there while she snoozed the afternoon way (along with me!)
  • At 5, we loaded up to run a few errands-first to Kroger to buy a few gift cards to spent at Target on diapers for Whitman.  Hopefully, those will be the last diapers that we buy for that little boy.  Then we had supper at Arbys-I think that might be some of the kids favorite place to eat.  It is probably one of my favorite fast foods-except for the fries.  They have never been my favorite (one of my suite mates in college would have us drive her to Arbys to buy their fries but they aren't for me.)  
  • Next stop was Grannymom's house for a few minutes.  While the kids were playing there, we ran to Hobby Lobby with Reagan to look for some mirrors.  I plan on making a mirror for above the fireplace (wish me luck)-we are going to slowly try to start transitioning to a more grown up looking living room-that transition will be complete in the year 2021!  
  • Reagan and I could have looked at every row of Hobby Lobby and I know I could have found lots more things to buy had the store not been closing at 8.  I rarely get to go to a store like that without my gaggle of kiddos-I probably should just leave some night and go and do some browsing or just bite the bullet and take them all.  Reagan found about a zillion and one things that could go in the new girl room (which was to happen this September but may be put on hold for the Memphis Ikea to open!)  
  • We picked up the kiddos and then came home-the boys knew all about the ballgame on tv so they were anxious to watch it.  We showered the dirtiest 3 and then did let the kids stay up until halftime.  (If you are wondering, Reagan, Anderson and Graham didn't get showers last night so they qualified as the dirtiest 3.)  The boys ended up going to bed upset about the ballgame-Graham did have high hopes that the hogs would pull out a win but Anderson was pretty convinced that it was just over!  

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