January 16, 2015

Night Out to Monster Jam!
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  • Friday morning and the kids were up before us.  I thought for sure they would sleep a bit longer but alas they didn't. And the most upsetting thing of all (to me anyway) was that they were playing so happily that I hated to call them down for breakfast and then to start school.
  • They are still excited about reading Matthew with the church so that does help a bit and I think knowing that there was no language and no spelling (except for Anderson) to do today kind of helped get them excited about things-kind of. No language work and no spelling did excite me about the school day.  And you would have thought since I had less work to do with each kid, I would have been able to finish something around the house but no that didn't happen.  
  • That was okay though because as soon as we were finished with school, I let the kids go and play and told them they could play until 12:30 and then we would have lunch.  They played and played-Anderson worked about a zillion legos and Campbell and Reagan made a restaurant for Graham, Keaton and I to eat at.  It was quite entertaining-especially when Keaton sang for us over the microphones!  Graham took the place of my husband and ate with me.  While we were sitting at the table talking about the food, Graham said "I remember food like that when I was in college."
  • Then it was lunch time and following that, it was time to pick up the house.  All of Anderson's zillion legos were spilled over the toy room and every piece of toy food that we own was thrown all over their bedroom so it took us a while to pick everything up.  But I kept reminding them of what was going to happen after we picked-calling Beebee and singing Happy Birthday to her.  Today is her 91st birthday-or so she says.  Since the days that she had to lie about her age to get a job, she has always said that she didn't know her real age.  
  • Then it was time for science and some work on our oral reports before movie time.  The kids were too excited about this evening to think about their movies-monster truck show for Reagan, Anderson and Graham and Chick Fil A for Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  About 5, we all left our different ways. 
  • Robby and his crew had pizza and then went to Verizon to see the monster truck show.  Last year, even though wore earplugs they were all still yelling from being around the loud noises for so long.  This year the monster trucks had dirt on the arena floor-I guess this made it more entertaining!  Then even ran into Lilly, Cash and Aunt Dana so they really enjoyed getting to sit with them the second half of the jam.
  • My crew started at Chick FIl A and Campbell and Keaton played on the playground until our food came.  Then we ate-actually, I ate and they hardly touched their food.  And then there was some more playing until Campbell had to go to restroom.  After that, the balloon man there made the girls hummingbirds and then we headed to Dunkin Donuts to use a coupon for a free drink-I bought them a doughnut but Whitman was the only one who wanted the donuts!  The girls wanted their candy that we had bought for this exciting evening.  And maybe they were full from their ice cream at Chic Fil A-we got it as we were leaving and Campbell spilled hers in the parking lot.  I should have had Whitman in the stroller but didn't so my hands were full-she was fine with sharing with Keaton so everyone still went home happy!
  • Last year too and even the year before it, I took my crew out to eat and then put them to bed.  This year, my girls have had snacks, eaten candy, done some massive art projects and even watched a movie.  There was no way that Campbell was going to bed before the others made it home.  It was an exciting evening for both sets of the Dennie kids!

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