January 13, 2015

Cute. Cute. Cute.
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  • Well, this is just the second day of the week but we are sleeping later and later each day-maybe because Robby and I are staying up later and later each night. Seriously, we just sit on the couch and do nothing until about midnight when we decide that we might should get up and do the dishes or laundry before going to bed.  
  • I had such grand plans to start exercising in the mornings this week but then I quickly changed my tune when Monday morning struck-maybe I will start next Monday or maybe not.  Even though we still got up late, Campbell was again able to have breakfast with us and still made it to school in time to go in the hallway and sing.  I don't know how they made it for singing time but was shocked that they made it!
  • School, here, was fine today.  Not too much happening exciting-we are getting ready for our oral reports so that adds a bit more work for all of us.  Though I am learning a bit about a few countries-Madagascar has lots of mountains, Italy did not invent pasta (China did) and Russia spans two continents (I didn't know it was in Asia and Europe but maybe I missed that day in school.) 
  • After school, Anderson had some work to finish up and then the highlight of school today was them playing chess.  Again, I am not certain that the kids play chess correctly-they have the basics but after the basics, I was not a lot of help in teaching them more.  I guess I should make them play chess on their kindles so they can make sure they learn the proper way.  But really, how often do you play chess in real life?
  • We had lunch and then all worked together to clean up the house-we trash this place during school.  I feel that Whitman looks for the toys/boxes that have the most pieces to dump out during school.  Pretty much during school time, I do just let him do whatever makes him happy so they rest of us can stay happy.  
  • I had just completed a jump rope contest and doing a dolls hair when Campbell came home with Nonna and Pops.  They brought her home and she had made pudding for us all to enjoy. The kids gobbled her goodies down and then they all started playing in the kitchen-remote control cars, the plasma car, people singing, people dancing-all while Nonna, Pops and I tried to chat for a few minutes.
  • When they left, we did our science (can't leave Campbell out on that so we have to wait for her to come home) and then it was time for some movies while the little girls painted with Campbell's new fingerpaints.  They had been waiting for days for me to pull out that fingerpaints so they were delighted about this-and painted for about 6 minutes!
  • Robby came home and then we had chili for supper and we followed that chili up with showers for all.  The boys finished their showers and quickly convinced Robby to turn on the hog game. We all watched it in the bonus room.  Reagan worked on her scrap book which is turning out very cute.  Anderson finally finished a knex crane that he has been working on for over a year. Whitman, Keaton and Campbell played with the games.  It looked like we had been in that room for a week by the end of the ballgame.  
  • My people got a bit excited towards the end of the ballgame.  My Reagan who would pout when ever we would turn on a basketball game has certainly changed her tune after watching the game Saturday in Fayetteville.  Campbell asked her to play something during the last minute of the game and Reagan snapped back "I can't, I have to watch the ballgame."  
  • After the loss, the kids all helped pick up and then we went downstairs to brush and potty before bed.  Whitman found his way back up the stairs and he was not happy at all about me bringing him down to bed.  He fussed the entire time that we were tucking the others in and reading their Bible story.  We finally got him up and walked to the stairs, looked at us and said "bye, bye."  The lights were all off so maybe he realized that the others were asleep but I still think if we would have let him, he would have gone up there to see them.  He did go back to sleep better the second time around thankfully.

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