Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023-11 Days until Christmas

Today let's look at another Disney ride. In Magic Kingdom construction began on Tron before Covid. When we were there in 2023 and possibly even in 2019, we were able to see the construction of Tron. However, Covid delayed the whole progress, and it didn't open until this year in April. 

We were super excited to ride Tron after how much everyone had enjoyed Guardians. However, it was kind of a let down. The theming is lacking for sure. The first times we rode the line, we baked in the hot Florida sunshine as we waited in line. 

Then the ride does take off super fast which I don't like at all, but everyone else seems to love. Then the ride does zoom out side which is really neat, but all too soon it is over. It is a neat ride, but the ride should be about 2 minutes longer.

Here is a link to the first time we rode Tron.

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