Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023-12 Days Until Christmas

Today we begin our 12th year of counting down to Christmas using our Christmas ornaments. We have slowed down on buying ornaments the last few years so I just have 13 new ones to talk about this year. One interesting fact about this year's ornaments: 8 of the 13 are from the state of Florida. 

I know that most people do not have the Christmas ornaments listed on a spreadsheet, but all 346 of ours are categorized by year and by the state bought in. I do have our ornament divided by national parks, food ornaments, Disney ornaments, and all the rest. I guess someday if I ever have a lot of time, I could decorate one tree dedicated to each state of the union.

I guess that I will begin this countdown with Disney ride ornaments. Last year was our first time to ride Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot. It was certainly a hit with all of the kids, so we decided that we needed an ornament for the tree.

Even though everyone else enjoyed the ride, I just tolerate it. I would enjoy it if it was just a roller coaster, but there is some controlled spinning which is
just enough for me to not like it. However, I don't want to miss out so I am still on it each time that we were able to ride it. 

Our Disney season pass began the end of last year so this year has definitely been the year of Disney. 2020 was supposed to be for us, but we have definitely done Disney big this year. It was a lot of work-in 365 days Robby drove to Orlando six different times, and the camper definitely knows the way to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. However, we have made a ton of memories this year at Disney World.

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