Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023-10 Days until Christmas

So this ornament reminds me of two different things that happen at Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World. First on one of our trips December 2022, they had a Chip and Dale scavenger hunt around the campground. The campground does this often, and there was even a Halloween one that we completed this October. 

On the scavenger hunt, you have to solve word problems and puzzles which then take you to places around the campground to get clues. The clues all unscramble to become the answer. It really can be a little challenging at times; however, every time that we had done it, it has been a lot of fun.

When we completed the scavenger hunt, we earned the buttons that became Christmas ornaments. Also, the campground has at least 2 different Facebook groups who do scavenger hunts in the campground. When we came, we brought a box of things to hide around the campground. Keaton and Campbell really enjoyed this. They not only got into hiding things but would super enjoy finding things. Most of the things that we found, we eventually re-hid for someone else, but they would probably say this was one of their favorite activities.

Here is a link to the day we worked on the Chip N' Dales Holiday Scavenger Hunt 

Here is the link to one of our Fort Wilderness scavenger hunt days.

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