December 2, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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Robby and I woke up a bit later than we had planned, but we were still pulling out around 8:30. Robby even had to air up the minivan tire before we left this morning so that slowed him down a bit as well.

We didn't have any traffic going through Dallas, so we were rolling into Buccees fairly early. I whispered to Keaton to ask if she wanted to go in or if she wanted a drink, and she was awake. Whitman was quick to throw his head down off of the top to tell me that he would like a drink. Graham was still half way asleep and did not want a drink.

When we were in Bucess, there was at least two buses full of army men on their way somewhere. Robby had to watch me closely because I just wanted to stand by the register and buy all of them their food. And of course when we went to check out their were no army men nearby to buy anything for. 

Then we just zoomed right on home with our next stop being Kroger in Little Rock. The kids were kind of up and Robby listened to a football game while I reached the end of the internet a few times on my phone. We filled up at Kroger and then drove on home. 

At home we unloaded the camper-so far I have only left one thing in there which I had to go out and get just now. Usually there is always something that we leave inside that we have to go out that night and fetch.

It didn't take too long to unload everything. The kids all grabbed their things and one other load for me. Then Robby and I just took our time unloading everything else. While we unloaded, I caught up with all of the people here.

Reagan not only worked late last night, but she also worked early this morning with Santa as well. And yes, she did take her picture with Santa which delighted me. Anderson caught up on some school work, played xbox all morning and even baked brownies while we were gone. Campbell said that she didn't leave the couch the entire time that we were gone to which Anderson agreed.

After unloading, Robby and I made it to the couch where we stayed until a football game was over. Then we went to pick up pizzas-and yes, we stopped at 3 different pizza places to get our supper. When everyone had eaten we started our Christmas traditions-pulling the Santa bricks, picking a Christmas tree ornament and reading our Advent devotional.

When I pulled out the Advent devotional, Robby and Graham both said, "Didn't we do that last year?" Those little heathens! Now we are back on the couch watching football!

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