December 5, 2023

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  • Reagan and Graham left the house at 6:45 for their Bible study this morning. When they came back home, I talked to them briefly, and then they both went upstairs and took a nap. Anderson left for school today-he just went to one class and skipped the other while Reagan just skipped all of hers. (I maybe skipped about 3 classes my entire life, and my kids have skipped more than that in the last two weeks. Actually, it is good for Reagan to relax a little bit, and honestly, it is probably good for Anderson to as well.)
  • I read with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman this morning. I have 48 books checked out which overwhelms me a bit. There was a time when we had nearly 100 books checked out at all times, but now 50 is a lot. I am trying to finish all of our library books before Christmas, but I have about 10 books on hold for me to read just in case it snows, and I can't get to the library.
  • After school today, I went shopping with Campbell and Keaton. Campbell needs quite a few Christmas presents, but unfortunately, we were only able to find one thing. We did find something for Whitman though too and half of a gift for me. Still I was a bit bummed-I couldn't find what I was looking for and Kroger was out of brown sugar. We did get to very briefly walk around Barnes and Noble. By that stop though (store 6), Campbell was fading so we hurried on our way.
  • Once at home, I organized some gifts and then started on supper. Tonight we had our street tacos and all of the fixings. Plus we did our Advent along with the Christmas ornament and Santa pulling after we ate.
  • Robby and I were going to watch a movie tonight that we thought was out, but it was not so we tried another movie which was also not out, so after a bit of sports we turned a Hallmark movie. Hopefully, we will have time for two!

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