December 9, 2023

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  • It was an early morning for most of us this morning. Reagan, Anderson, and Graham had their ACT test this morning. They left the house at 7:30 so I did wake up in time to make sure that everyone was awake and that they had breakfast (burritos) of the wanted them.
  • Reagan probably could have not taken the ACT today since she is already accepted to her school of choice plus the next scholarship tier would be a pretty big jump. Anderson really just needs to go up one point to have the necessary 19, and my sweet Graham-it's a good thing he is cute. Kidding!
  • I tried to go back to sleep after they left but wasn't able to until much later in the morning when I did take a catnap. Robby and I left the house around ten. We went quite a few stores, and I struck out more than not. 
  • The original plan was to pick Reagan up and take her downtown to see the Nutcracker with her people. However, they moved their times back so she was able to run home with the boys before meeting up with everyone. Robby and I then didn't have to go and pick her up so we headed home when we were finished with our shopping.
  • We came home, and the kids gave us a report of the ACT: one finished early on everything, one didn't know how they did, and another said it was easy. Who knows what the results will be, but either way we are done with the ACT for while. 
  • The afternoon drug a little bit-I looked at the clock one time it was just 2. I had read, washed the sheets, had Keaton wrap presents, and all the other things. And then before I knew it again it was much later in the evening.
  • Robby and I ran with Keaton and Campbell to the library on our way to Walmart. He bought food for tomorrow's supper while the girls and I worked on some Christmas gifts. Then we picked up supper from Panda Express.
  • We are now watching a Christmas movie-Keaton is making cake balls, Campbell is painting, Anderson is watching tv, Whitman is on his ipad, Graham is on his xbox, and I am not sure what Reagan is doing!

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