Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023: 2 Days until Christmas

One of my ornaments already this year was of the Chip and Dale scavenger hunt, and so I talked about the Facebook scavenger hunts that happen all around the Fort Wilderness Campground. Pretty much when we have been at the campground, Keaton has my phone. She was constantly checking to see what was hidden and where. That girl knew every inch of the campground!

This ornament she and Graham found one afternoon. They were pretty excited about their find because they knew that I was going to make it into an ornament for sure!

Let's briefly talk about Halloween at the Fort-it was wild and crazy. There was trick or treating for days before Halloween. Plus golf cart parades, pet parades, Halloween scavenger hunts, pumpkin carving contest and even a beach party. When we were out trick or treating, which we did just about every main loop, we saw a huge reproduction of the Haunted Mansion along with actors and even a mariachi band. 

We sure won't forget this Halloween anytime soon. Here is the post from that day!

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