December 19, 2023

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  • This morning I had a choice-I could laugh or cry: Robby took Bentley outside first this morning, so in the middle of my chores, she started asking to go out again. That was fine, so I put on my warmer clothes and took her out.
  • She likes to do her business in the leaves so as I was standing there waiting on her, my leg started to itch. Instead of bending down, I just took the bottom of my other foot and used it to scratch my leg. I knew something wasn't right when my leg then felt wet and cold. 
  • As I was looking down, I realized that some poor sick dog had been right where I was standing. Then I saw that not only was I standing in it, but I had also rubbed it all over my pants. Thank goodness I was wearing pants. 
  • Robby did think I was a bit crazy as I rushed in the house throwing my clothes and shoes in the washing machine and then jumping into the shower. Guess how many times I have taken Bentley out since then today: none and I don't plan on it!
  • Around noon, the big boys left to go and play basketball in Benton. This is when we just live a bit far away-especially from their buddies. They made a day of it and didn't get back until after 3. I read with the little 3, and then we went to Defy. After Defy we ran to the gas station for drinks followed by letting Whitman do a little Christmas shopping at the Dollar General.
  • I wasn't home for too long when Robby and I left to run a few errands. He had earned some gift cards to Whole Foods so we went there to spend those. Now, I had a list since we were going to the store later, but that store is just not how we shop.
  • In case you were wondering, there is no velveeta or cream style corn at the Whole Foods. Also there are no canned cinnamon rolls or biscuits. Thankfully, our list was long enough that we were able to spend the gift cards. However, it was a little hard paying extra just because of where we were shopping.
  • We then ran to the grocery store to complete the rest of the list. Our list wasn't very long, but it seemed to take us forever to find everything, but I think that we have most things for all of our Christmas cooking-except pretzels and fruit.
  • While we were shopping, I had to call Campbell and ask if she could get the baked potatoes ready. I had intended to be home, but all of our errands took way longer than I had imagined. She didn't mind and even cooked the chicken for me when we did get home-though she just did that to speed things along.
  • We all ate baked potatoes for supper, and now everyone is in their evening spots!

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