December 14, 2023

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  • Robby had his Dgroup early this morning, but I had forgotten that. So when my alarm rang this morning, I quietly laid in bed trying not to wake him up-until I rolled over and realized he was already gone.
  • I eventually did get up and start on my chores. Then, we did our little bit of school before Campbell, Keaton, and I left for the day. 
  • We met a lady from church whose company was doing some Christmas shopping for some children. We started at Old Navy and picked 2 outfits and a heavy jacket for each of the kids. The girls and I did 9 different kids while other people were working on other kids.
  • It was a lot of fun spending someone else's money. The check out line got a bit ridiculous behind us since we bought for over 20 kids altogether. After that bit of shopping, we went to Blue House to eat lunch. My food was good, but the chocolate chip biscuit was heavenly. It was so good that I brought Robby home half of one to eat. Plus I have decided that learning to make chocolate chip biscuits is going to be my New Year's Resolution.
  • When we finished lunch, we went to Walmart to buy toys for each of the kids. It was a little bit more challenging to pick out toys, but the girls enjoyed that the most. After finishing up that shopping, we ran to the library on the way home. 
  • Reagan was already gone this afternoon because she had work. The boys-well, they were living it up and enjoying the start of their Christmas break. They all had a little bit of school, but most of the day was spent playing on their xbox. It sounds like every other boy that they usually play with is already finished with school as well.
  • Robby and I made supper this evening, but the kids ate at the table while we huddled on our room listening to another college financial aid thing. After it was over, Robby worked on my computer some before we settled in for another Hallmark movie! (I wasn't in the mood for a Christmas one though so we are watching a mystery movie.)

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