December 26, 2023

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  • We had not plans for this day after Christmas, but we certainly did fill up the day. I was the first one awake and started checking things off of my list. After accomplishing a few things, I opened my new ziplock bag holder from Jason. I had to rearrange a drawer, but I love how easy it is to get to my bags now.
  • Late this morning, Robby and I finished the tv series he started last night. We watched the final two episodes while sitting on the couch. When those were finished, I kind of started taking down the Christmas. I worked off and on for the rest of the day, but everything is put away except for the trees. I'll have the big kids help tomorrow with that, and it will not take too long at all.
  • Reagan spent a good amount of her Christmas money last night, so she and Keaton went to Target with us to pick up one of her orders. We did that, and then we walked around the store for a little bit. We didn't find anything there, but we did find a few things at Walmart including an ornament holder for me. We didn't find any wrapping paper which I will need for next year.
  • After Walmart, we ran by the library, and then we ate supper at Chipotle., Robby and I should have split our meal, but we didn't so we both brought home over half of our food. Graham went to town on Robbys though when we came home. The other boys had Costco pizza that we picked up when we were looking around there.
  • Campbell went to her friend's house this afternoon, so when we came home, Robby went to pick her up. While he was gone, I finished what I did of the Christmas today. And now, I am just about to take a super short nap! I can barely keep my eyes open. 

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