December 22, 2023

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  • This was definitely an early morning for all of us who have started on our Christmas break already. We left at 9:30 to pick up suburban from Reagan. She was riding with Kennedy to the Craft's house, but I knew that the big kids would need a getaway car in case they wanted to come home early.
  • We arrived along with about 75 other friends. My kids all ended up in kind of the same area. All of the boys were beside Reagan and Kennedy at a fairly empty table. Campbell was behind them at a table with all of her friends, and Keaton was working in the kitchen with all of her buddies.
  • I am always surprised with the creativity that the kids take on their gingerbread houses. And this year I was super surprised that Graham, Anderson, and Reagan were the last of my three to finish. Anderson worked almost as long as Reagan. The gingerbread house day is so much fun. Traci thanked Reagan for coming, and Reagan replied that she would not miss it!
  • The big kids and Whitman left when they finished their houses. I stayed with Keaton and Campbell and helped a little bit picking up. Then we ran to a friend's house to deliver houses and candy to them since they were sick and had to miss the party. 
  • After that, we met Robby at the gas station to fill up the cars. When we headed home, Robby went to pick up his order from Kroger since they told him it was ready. The pick up line was so long that it was just a circle in the parking lot. When he did get to the front, they told him that his order wasn't ready yet. He then waited for 40 minutes for someone to come back to the car.
  • He eventually cancelled his order, and then he braved the grocery store to grab a few things. Now, we really didn't have to have anything, but he enjoyed the fun of the packed grocery store with everyone line open. 
  • When he did get home, they text to tell him that his order was indeed ready-the order he had already cancelled. While he was gone, Whitman, Anderson, Graham, Keaton and I cut out and baked our sugar cookies. I also browned some hamburger meat. 
  • Robby brought home some Panda Express for supper-an early supper. Then I really just stayed on the couch for the rest of the evening. I didn't get in my Hallmark movie yesterday so hopefully we will tonight.

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