Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023: 8 Days until Christmas

This ornament is not really an ornament at all (really though, how many of mine are actually ornaments?), but this is a Disney passholder magnet. They pass these magnets out to passholders at certain times of the year. They are apparently very coveted and are often traded, but we just think they are kind of cute. (Not don't get me wrong, Robby has sold a few of these on eBay though!)

I actually don't think that we received this ornament on the July trip that I am linking down below. However, the July trip we left a day early so we could make it to Epcot in time to get the magnet on the last day that they were handing them out. We are probably silly, but it fun to be able to look at all of the different passholder magnets that we have collected over the last year.

Here is the link for the first full day at Epcot in late June with just Keaton and Whitman. 

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