December 18, 2023

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  • This was kind of a slow morning, but by mid afternoon I was starting to mark off Christmas shopping. I even told Robby that I thought that I was finished. However, don't tell him that I still have a few more things to get, but mostly I am nearly done.
  • The house was super quiet this morning except for Bentley barking at me. After taking her out about 4 different times, I realized that she was telling me that she was hungry. Indeed, her food had run out inside, so I had to have Robby get her some more. 
  • Robby and I ran to Walmart-we had to go to a different one because this one was the only one that had our year's supply of drain stuff that we use as preventative for our original septic tank. While he was in the pick up line, I ran in. I tried to be quick, but I was not at all. I did get quite a few last minute items so I was pleased.
  • Back at home, Whitman wrapped one of his presents, and really it wasn't too much longer before I was leaving again with Campbell and Graham. We ran to Grannymom's house first to drop off a present. 
  • Then it was to Dollar Tree for Graham to buy some candy for his siblings for Christmas. Then the main even was the orthodontist. Campbell is now finished with the orthodontist and doesn't have to go anymore. Graham, since he lost his retainers that time, still has a few more months to catch up.
  • Robby met us after the appointment, and we went to Texas Roadhouse. It was a quick celebration for Campbell's birthday plus a mystery shop. The others had orange chicken when we came home.
  • We also marked quite a few more things off of my list tonight-we did our advent, along with all of our Christmas countdowns, Anderson and Graham did some wrapping, and Reagan worked on a scholarship for me for a bit.
  • Now I am on the couch, but Robby is working on blog problems. I'm stuffed from supper, so I probably will not have my hot chocolate tonight, but the night is still young.

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