December 21, 2023-Happy 14th Birthday Campbell!

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  • Anderson and Graham were stirring a little bit earlier than usual. Around noon though I did go upstairs to wake up Whitman-he gets a little sour if he sleeps too long because he doesn't like to miss any ipad time. 
  • Then I went to wake up Campbell because this was driving permit day. I tried to discourage her from taking it today and reminded her that people don't want to cry on their birthday. However, she was adamant that she take the test today.
  • We got there on time and joined the line. They told us that their system was down, so they didn't know how long it was going to take for it to come back up again. We opted to stay and wait, and thankfully, by the time I correctly filled out the forms it was back up.
  • Campbell didn't want for me to wait in the car so I stood in the waiting room while waiting on her. She came out with her paper, and we were both super relieved. On the way home, we stopped by Sonic, but we also stopped at the church down the road so she could practice driving.
  • It didn't take too long for me to text Robby and tell him that he was responsible for teaching the last 3. Seriously, she did just fine for never really driving in the car. Maybe soon she can drive on Crystal Valley since it is a little bit slower than Lawson.
  • Once we came home, I read a little bit. Reagan left to do some dog sitting, and after that Robby and I left to pick up Campbell's birthday supper.
  • She chose ChickFilA for her supper. Robby and I did split a peppermint milkshake which is my favorite along with some chicken tortilla soup. We dropped Reagan's food off and then brought everything else home so we could sing to the birthday girl.
  • Now we are all settled in for the evening-maybe after the basketball game, we can watch a Hallmark movie or two!

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