December 24, 2023-Christmas Eve!

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  • Christmas Eve morning started off with a slow start since church wasn't until eleven. Robby sat down and watched a bit of tv before we left, and I was able to read a little bit of my book. I have finished all of my Christmas books and am now working on a wintery themed one which makes me want to go to a snowy cabin and read it-except that is where the murder in my book takes place.
  • Campbell had spent the night with her friend so she sat in upstairs in the venue, but everyone else did sit with us downstairs. We are still in Sander's Hall instead of the sanctuary so it all loses a bit of the special feel, but the candle lit Silent Night is always special. And this was the first year that we had no kids that went down to the front during the kids' part of the service. 
  • We took a family picture when we came home from church. It was raining so our choices were in front of the tree which we would completely cover up or standing on the porch-at least it looked wintery outside. 
  • Robby and I did a little bit of cooking as we all scavengered around the kitchen eating leftovers. Then I read a bit more before taking a short nap. I did wake up and saw a football game on tv-it was close and some how I couldn't stop watching it so I never went back to sleep!
  • At 5 this afternoon we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for Christmas Eve. Nonna had the table and everything set beautifully. We ate and snacked, and then it was present opening time. The kids are bigger so there aren't many surprises at all anymore. I have one or two for tomorrow, but that is about it. 
  • Even without the surprises, I think that everyone was very pleased with their gifts. I know I was pleased with my gifts-especially the Christmas puzzle-which somehow made the kids groan when I told them that we were going to work it next year.
  • We came home, and my three reindeer food makers threw their food out for the reindeer. Now, no one believes in Santa or has for a very long time, but they have often heard that if you don't believe then you don't receive so they didn't want to miss out on any gifts.
  • The obligatory kid picture in front of the Christmas tree with Santa's milk and cookies have been taken, food is prepped and in the fridge for tomorrow, and now I have two more presents to wrap. After that, hopefully the dishes will be done and Robby and I will start hauling presents downstairs from the attic-at least we don't have to put things together anymore!

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