December 6, 2023

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  • Since we didn't start school until 9 this morning, I was rolling through my list of things to do. I never mark off everything on my list each day, but some day I do hope to do so. However, it is nice to be able to accomplish most things before 9.
  • Then we started on school-so many books to read and so, so little time. Tomorrow I'll be gone in the morning, and I really wanted to read tonight to everyone, but I just have no motivation to get off of this couch-that might be because of those two Hallmark movies that I did watch last night.
  • Robby actually bought the Hallmark movie app thing right now so I have 2 months to watch as many as I can-and I am up for the challenge. Though I don't think I am up for watching one tonight.
  • Even Whitman finished his school work early-I really could probably give him any amount of school and call it Christmas school, and he would be long as I give him a break before we start to do spelling. That is what truly makes him happy-a break before he has to do spelling. It is truly the little things in life.
  • After school work, I even walked on the treadmill. Well, I actually did that this afternoon. After school, I really sat down and finished my book. Robby was at work in Conway so it was a bit quieter around here-not that he makes that much of a racket, but it did seem quieter. Reagan and Graham were at work as well, but again they don't cause too many problems.
  • When Reagan came home from work, she was home for just a few minutes before she left again to go to church to lead her dgroup. The rest of us left a little bit later because they fed the workers and their families supper tonight.
  • We all ate, and then Robby and I went to our spot to help check people in-and that is where we stayed all night long. It was kind of happening in the hallway tonight so there was lots of people to visit with.
  • Anderson went to ChickFilA for a little bit after church and is almost home, and I am not cuddled up with my blanket trying to decide if I should get up for hot chocolate or if I will just warm up without drinking anything warm.

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