December 7, 2023

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  • Today was a little bit different-Anderson left very early to start his finals. He had two this morning and ended up with Bs in both of his classes. He wasn't greatly pleased with this, but I thought it was great.
  • I left next to go and work at church for Mother's Day Out. They had asked if Reagan could do it yesterday, but I said that I could help so I did that this morning. It wasn't bad at all, and surprisingly, those babies slept for over an hour of the day.
  • Reagan left for her final a little bit after I did. Then she came home for a bit before heading to work which was about the time that I made it home. 
  • Meanwhile, Keaton and Campbell went to Nonna's house to help her set out her Snow Village houses. They even did a bit of shopping for a little bit, and Keaton found some gift for her friends.
  • I ran and picked them up when they were finished working. Then it was back home for a little bit before we all left to go to Defy for a little bit this evening. Reagan was on her way home from work so she didn't go, but we don't have many more times to go to Defy until our season pass is up.
  • We picked up some supper on the way home. Everyone ate and then we gathered to do our Christmas things. After we did this, Campbell, Keaton, and Reagan are all painting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, they are not painting my walls which desperately need painting-Reagan is working on her final and the girls are painting a paint by number that they bought today.
  • Robby and I have just settled on the couch-I am busy looking at school things for next fall!

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