December 10, 2023

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  • This morning was church, but I wasn't teaching our Sunday school class so I didn't feel as rushed this morning since I didn't have to set up the classroom. Since we are teaching first grade this year, we did come home with quite a few Christmas gifts so that was fun.
  • Next up was big church. We have a few more weeks (they don't know how long) in the fellowship hall. I am not sure if I have gotten shorter lately, but I just struggle to see the front because of people's heads in front of me. 
  • We ate lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. We had a chili which was delicious-I always like chili especially since it is a little bit chilly. They had birthday cupcakes for our two birthday babies-Anderson and Campbell.
  • At home this afternoon, I had my nap, but I also worked on reading my book. I have about 5 Christmas books to read myself before Christmas plus a few more coming from the library so I have to get busy.
  • Keaton was busy in the kitchen today-she finished her cake balls that she made last night plus she made brownies for her life group tonight. Campbell and Keaton went to Life Group down the road this evening while Reagan went to her life group, and the big boys went to Rock Creek. Whitman is the only one without something to do every Sunday night now. I really should have him do something when they are all gone or do something with him-maybe I'll try to figure that out.
  • The Wilsons came over for our Sunday night supper. We had meatball subs which had been on our Sunday night list for a while. The other options seemed too overwhelming for us to try. These were actually pretty good.
  • When the Wilson's left, I started on the blog, and Reagan came home shortly afterwards. Now I have about 50 more pages to read before going to sleep.

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