December 16, 2023-Happy Birthday (Party) Anderson and Campbell!

(click for today's pictures)

  • The house was fairly quiet this morning-it is not quiet right now: Keaton, Whitman, and possibly Campbell are playing the Wii, and the house currently is not quiet at all. I didn't wake up the kids until everyone was just about here.
  • Campbell was the first one downstairs because she has been waiting for today for a while. Lately, we usually just have the kids open their grandparent gifts on the Sunday closest to their birthdays when we eat at their houses.
  • However, Campbell realized that this would mean she would have to wait until Christmas for her gifts, and this was not going to work for her at all. She she was determined to have us have a family birthday party right after Anderson's birthday so she could celebrate with him...and get her presents!
  • Robby picked up pizza for our lunch-it was all really delicious. Then we had cupcakes which Campbell made, and key lime pie which is one of Anderson's favorite desserts. Then the kids opened their presents-I do believe that the knew everything that they were going to get, but they were still excited about it all. 
  • Campbell, my child, has displayed all of her things on her desk. Anderson, who is more like his father, has already unboxed his things and put them properly away. 
  • When everyone left, I sat on the couch and read some. Eventually, Robby, Campbell and I went to eat supper this evening at On the Border. It was fairly quiet there, but we always enjoy eating there.  On the way home, we did have to run to ChickFilA since Graham had a free lemonade and Keaton had a free sandwich. They were super excited that we agreed to make that extra stop. 
  • Now it is evening, and the kids are all scarce-Reagan just finished putting away cake balls that she and Keaton made earlier today. Campbell also made cake balls at the same time-they are all taking them to church tomorrow.

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