December 20, 2023

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  • This was another quiet morning around the house-well, except for Bentley. She has started to ask to be let out of room around 6ish every morning. I guess she knows that it is quiet time, so she doesn't bark-she just stands by the door and stares at us and every few minutes she will walk to my side of the bed and breathe on me or lick my face. I can only take so much of that before I a.) get up and open our bedroom door so she can leave or b.) roll over and act like I am asleep so Robby will get up and open our bedroom door.
  • And in case you were wondering, I was much more careful this morning when I took her outside. I looked at where I was stepping the whole time we were outside. 
  • I left fairly early to go and do some birthday shopping with Grannymom. It didn't take long for me to find some things, and everything that I picked out matched a color scheme-and it was a color scheme that I didn't even know that I liked.
  • Afterwards, I ran into 5 Below because I had a 24 cent gift card that needed to be spent. Yep, I spent money so I could save that 24 cents. At this point in the year, I usually get a little bit panicky about the kids stockings. I am always worried about if I really have enough things in there. This year I feel that way about all of the boys' stockings. The little girls stockings are just ridiculous-especially Campbell and Keatons. They are always with me and always giving me ideas, but the boys are so, so much harder to buy for.
  • I made it home about the time that the big boys were leaving to go and play basketball again today. They were gone for almost 3 hours, so I know that they had a good time. While they were gone, and no one else was awake or downstairs, I went to town wrapping things. I wrapped 7 gifts, and I think that I just have 2 things left to wrap and Campbell has one things left to wrap which is good because our Christmas cooking starts tomorrow.
  • This afternoon I tried to do some school work-yes, I'm planning for the fall, but that is ok. Soon though it was time for us to leave to take Campbell to a Christmas party. After dropping her off, we picked up 2 pizzas and some popcorn chicken for supper.
  • I am now sitting on the couch under a blanket trying to figure out if I can watch a Hallmark movie before having to go and pick up Campbell tonight.

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