December 25, 2023-Merry Christmas

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  • It is a different kind of Christmas morning when you have to wake everyone up. Graham and Campbell were actually the only ones awake this morning. Graham text me at asked if we were opening presents at 8, but I replied back that it would be 8:15.
  • It was indeed 8:15 by the time Robby and I got ourselves ready, put everything in the oven, and dressed the dog. I then went to get everyone out of bed. They eventually complied and stood on the steps for their Christmas morning picture.
  • I had been a bit worried about my stockings, but no one seemed to notice that some stockings were much less than others. I even redistributed a stocking gift or two last night. We don't do alot of gifts, but it always does look like we have bought out Amazon.
  • Everyone had two gifts from us and then a gift bought from a sibling plus a few kids had bought candy for each other. And then there are their stockings as well which flow out of the stockings and fill a Sonic drink carrier.
  • I believe that everyone was pleased this Christmas-especially Anderson (xbox) and Keaton (phone-which was a complete surprise to her.) Reagan got a computer while Campbell and Graham both opened apple watches. Those 5 also received a gift card to Amazon to complete their electronics. While Whitman opened a game along with a pass to Museum of Discovery. 
  • Opening those gifts plus the gifts from their siblings took a while. Whitman bought Reagan a blanket, Keaton bought Anderson a pizza gift card and all of his favorite sauces, Campbell bought Graham a clock that he had been wanting, Reagan bought Campbell a sweater and poster, Anderson bought Keaton a sweatshirt, and Graham bought Whitman pharo fluid (it's a sciency thing).
  • We were still finishing presents when the grandparents and Jason started arriving for our Christmas breakfast. This morning we had orange juice, a crock pot sausage casserole, monkey bread, fruit, and the cinnamon rolls we have been seeing on the computer. It was all really good.
  • The kids enjoyed showing everyone their presents. Anderson and Whitman are my two that put everything away. Keaton and Reagan have laid their things out while Graham and Campbell are in between the two.
  • When everyone left after breakfast, we picked up some and started on my mac and cheese and Robby's sausage balls for Grannymom's house. We didn't have too long because soon we were loading up for Dennie Family Circle.
  • After everyone arrived, we all ate-Grannymom had the meat and dressing and Dana had made everyone side dish that the grandkids had asked for. There was plenty of food. The game was next, and everyone left the game with a neat little gift. Robby ended up with a metal butterfly, but Reagan was quick to trade with him.
  • Grannymom bought a present for Robby-two shirts along with a fire poker and a tiny snickerdoodle bundt cake. Robby had my name and gave me face cream (I picked it out) and note cards. The kids all had presents from Grannymom, Aunt Dana, and Aunt Shelley. 
  • We stayed for a while and then loaded up to come home. Since we have been home, my present putter uppers have done that. Whitman has played with his hover ball all over the house while wearing his new pajamas. 
  • When I did sit down on the couch tonight, I told Robby that we had time to take down the trees and Christmas things tonight, but he suggested that we just wait until tomorrow.

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