Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023: 3 Days until Christmas

We bought this ornament in Honduras, and this was a cruise port that I was not really crazy about. We definitely had an adventure-that is for sure, and the kids will never forget it. Robby haggled with someone and got us a driver who took us on a tour around the island.

While we were on the tour, we realized our guide didn't speak any English which made things a bit more fun. We also stopped at his house to put his leftover up in the fridge along with picking his daughter up from school. And Campbell's least favorite memory would be when we drove slap dab in the middle of the beach!

We bought this ornament when we were at a zoo-I think that calling where we were a zoo is very questionable. We were able to see a sloth up close so that was interesting. 

Here is the blog to that day's post telling all about our tour around the island. We had never been so thankful to see that cruise ship. 

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