Christmas Ornament Countdown 2023: 7 Days until Christmas

The kids have not been to too many countries. For that matter, I have not either. However, our cruise in January was their 4th, 5th, and 6th countries to go to (Mexico, Honduras, and Belize). This wasn't really a good taste of Belize since where we stopped was Norwegians' private island, but it was beautiful.

We expected the water to be beautiful blue, but it wasn't nor were their waves. The island was still so well cared for-it even had a zoo. It was almost like going to a Disney island somewhere (though I have never been to a Disney island!) There was a pool and a splash pad that we hit up too before walking back to the boat. As much as the kids enjoy the water and the beach, the love a cruise ship more so we weren't on the island too long before going back to the boat. 

Here is the link that that day's blog. 

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