December 8, 2023

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  • I slept in this morning, but I was still able to mark most things off of my list before any of the kids started stirring. I worked with Graham pretty quickly and then did some reading with the littles. We had a book that we had to finish today so I read quite a bit of that and ignored my pile of other books. 
  • After then quickly working with Anderson, Robby and I ran to get gas in the cars. Then he ran to the bank while I ran in Kroger. And finally, we went in to Costco where I did find two little gifts-I am ever so slowly making my way through buying Christmas gifts. I just have never been a good gift buyer plus the kids have limited ideas this year so I am just struggling.
  • When we came home, I did spelling with Whitman. Then I ate some leftovers for lunch before I started on some Christmas gift wrapping. I have decided that I really dislike wrapping Christmas gifts-I'm no good at it and have always been impressed when others can wrap really well. However, I can stuff gifts in a gift bag pretty well!
  • I am really not sure what all I did this afternoon. I did some scholarship work and tried to figure out Reagan's GPA. To the best of my ability, I believe that she has a 4.2 which isn't too shabby. 
  • I did curl up and take a nice nap this afternoon-I might still be tired from keeping the kids yesterday at Mother's Day Out possibly or maybe it is just the weather.
  • Tonight we went out with the Wilson's to eat and then to a movie. We had started out at Chuys but the line was too long, so we found another Mexican place. It was fine, but once again it wasn't what we had expected so it wasn't quite as delicious as it probably could have been to us. 
  • The movie was good-when I came home I told Whitman about it, and he was pretty interested in it.

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