December 27, 2023

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  • This has been the most relaxing day of our Christmas break so far or maybe you could say the laziest day. Before I left the bed this morning, I finished my book.
  • Then Robby and I started on chores and finishing putting up Christmas. We just had the trees left so Robby took them apart, but then we had to wait on the boys to wake up. It was nearly noon when they started stirring-and that was because I had opened their door and turned on the hallway light. 
  • After Anderson finished his breakfast-or maybe he went straight to lunch, all three boys helped with the trees. Whitman learned how to do the tape dispenser and was able to push a tree box to the steps. 
  • Soon after that Anderson and Graham left the house to go and play basketball. They were the only ones who left today-actually after putting up the Christmas tree, I rarely left the couch today. When the boys came home, I did get up to heat up all of the leftovers so hopefully we could make a little dent in the fridge.
  • I think that we were able to get rid of a few things, but the real cleaning out was happening in the girls' room. Reagan and Keaton went to town cleaning and throwing things away. I am all about some purging! I had hoped that this would encourage others, but no it didn't!
  • Right now, Whitman has joined us on the couch and has asked if we can watch a tv show so that is the plan after the ballgame that is on finishes. 

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