December 17, 2023

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  • Sunday morning here, and today was the day of the big Christmas party. Thankfully, we had plenty of help and knocked it all out. They let us out of our opening early, so we went right to work on making our ornaments. 
  • This took a good sweet minute, but while the kids were waiting they colored. Then everyone decorated cookies and played Bingo. Before I knew it, parents were picking everyone up...and it was nice to have the Sunday School Christmas party over!
  • I had stressed about it for a while, but I had also stressed about cleaning up afterwards, but it all went perfectly well. Robby and Whitman took the wagon of stuff out to the car before church.
  • After big church, we all headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for our Sunday lunch. We ate and were able to visit for a little bit. Then we had to hurry home so the boys could go and play basketball.
  • After a bit of playing, the courts became too full so they ended up at a friend's house for a little bit. While they were there, I took Keaton and Campbell to Rock Creek, and Reagan went to her Life Group. 
  • Everyone but Reagan met back up at the Wilson's house tonight for supper. The kids played games-Whitman said that his favorite was the one about Hitler. We came home a little bit before Reagan did and caught up with her. Now I am trying to work some on the blog before taking a warm shower. 

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