December 28, 2023

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  • Pretty much everyone left the house for something fun today-well, except for Whitman. The morning started out with Campbell making chocolate chip scones. They were pretty good, and I had planned on eating another one this afternoon when I came home, but they were all gone-so I guess that everyone thought that they were good.
  • The big boys left a little bit before we did to go and play basketball again. There were a lot of buddies playing today so I think that they had a good time. 
  • Robby and I left with Campbell and Keaton. We dropped Campbell off so she could go and do some driving with Grannymom. Grannymom actually reported that Campbell did really well. I know that they practiced at the church house some. 
  • Campbell made it home in time to catch a ride to the ice skating rink with Kennedy and Reagan. Keaton was just finishing up a run to Walmart, Bath and Body, Costco, and Kroger with us so we dropped her off to skate with the girls. They went to ChickFilA on the way home.
  • Robby and I ran to Target after dropping Keaton off-we were able to find a little bit of wrapping paper at Kroger, but I haven't seen any at any other place in town. Some years, I don't buy any when I see it on sale since I have plenty, but of course the year that I am about to run out-I can't find any.
  • We picked up the boys Sonic on the way home. Then Robby made his chocolate oatmeal cookies-and this time he had success. We used a new recipe, and it worked perfectly which was nice-and super tasty.
  • The girls came in and are all upstairs. Whitman has just had his shower, and the boys are on their xboxes so now I am not exactly what we will do for the rest of the evening-ice cream, hot chocolate, a hallmark movie-who knows!

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