December 13, 2023-Happy 17th Birthday Anderson!

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  • Reagan had an early morning appointment-when we were at the dentist this time, they mentioned it was time for those wisdom teeth to come out. Today's appointment was with the teeth taker outer man. 
  • It was a bright and early appointment, and after checking us in, they made us watch a 10 minute video which was probably 30 years old about taking out wisdom teeth. They did thoroughly mention all of the bad things that can happen. It was shocking enough that I wonder if anyone has left after the video before seeing the doctor. 
  • We stayed and didn't leave after the scary video. The plan is for me to schedule that appointment for some time in April-I know that she is excited! (Really, she isn't at all!)
  • We came home, and I soon started reading with the little three. Graham woke up not feeling the best, so he skipped work today. I think he does have a little bit of a cold for sure, but he felt much better by the time for church-maybe because I doped him up quite a bit.
  • Robby ran some errands at lunch and came home with a birthday meal from Whataburger. Of course, I did take the obligatory picture even though Anderson would have preferred me not to.
  • When Reagan came home from work, she was there a minute before leaving for her Dgroup. Campbell and Keaton went early with her, and I brought the boys next.
  • Tonight the preschoolers and children sang some songs-Whitman was in the way back and could barely be seen....except when ever he saw me, he would put on a big grin on his face. We had been working on smiling and looking happy, and he was all grins...whenever he caught me looking.
  • Afterwards, I worked on the craft station and stayed late enough cleaning up that Keaton and Reagan had to come and find me. The other three went on to ChickFilA for a bit more time with their friends.
  • I made an egg in the hole for my supper, and now I am finally on the couch watching a Hallmark movie!

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