Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 1 Day until Christmas

I know this ornament just looks like a string of seashells, and that is true but it really is a lei that was given to one of the boys as boarded the cruise ship this year. The kids had never been on a cruise and they had been excited about this trip for years. 

After spending a few days in Honolulu, we boarded our NCL Pride of America ship. The girls were given purple flower leis and the boys all received seashell leis. We had a few hours to explore the ship before time for supper.

The first night was probably my favorite supper event. The kids were so excited about putting on their clothes-the boys had Hawaiian shirts and the girls all had dresses. Supper was incredibly nice but it last so long that Whitman laid his head down on the table and went sound to sleep. 

That day was a great start to our Hawaiian cruise and you can click here for pictures from that day.

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