December 24, 2017-Brock's Christmas Eve

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  • Whitman and Anderson were the first ones awake this morning. Anderson ended up on the couch and Whitman ended up in our room asking about milk. I helped him find his breakfast and then jumped in the shower myself.
  • By the time I was out, more people were awake and most clothes were on. For some reason though, I was the one scurrying around half dressed most of the morning. Robby was loading up the car as I was giving Whitman his medicine. (He seems much better today, eyes are perfectly, Campbell's eyes are also fine as well.)
  • When we drove into the church parking lot, we were surprised by many cars. It was a full service and we ended up in the front-there was an empty row between us and the preachers. I am not a big fan of our fam being on full display for everyone in the sanctuary. We did survive though without any big catastrophes.
  • During the church, they had the kids come down to the front for a little bit. I am always a bit panicked when Whitman is unattended, but he did fine. Reagan and Anderson didn't budge when they asked for the kids to come down-those two are growing up.
  • After church, we had planned to come home and eat. Then we decided to go to Arbys but briefly changed that to Subway before we ended up at Jason's Deli. We had not eaten there in a long time, and it just hit the spot. Everyone seemed really pleased with their lunch, and Robby and I loved our steaming hot potatoes.
  • Once at home, we picked up a bit and Robby and I tried to take a nap. It was a fail. We had Whitman in bed with us and he tossed and turned into I finally told him to leave! Our nap time ended with me telling the kids to all go to their beds until I had gotten ready for this evening. My people seem to think that when I am sleeping, in the shower or in the bathroom is the time to come and talk to me. I do love talking to the kids when I am awake and fully dressed.
  • After I was dressed, Robby began working on breakfast and the kids joined us in cooking and straightening the house. Soon we loaded up and headed to Nonna and Pops' house for our Christmas eve celebration.
  • It didn't take too long before we dug into supper. Nonna had made ham-I believe the kids picked that over turkey. As soon as we had finished eating, the kids, or possibly Pops, were anxious to open the presents.
  • We passed everything out and went to town. All day long today Keaton has been talking about Campbell's watch. She has asked me if I put it on her list. She has tried to figure out if she had enough money to buy one. She has wondered if Santa would bring it. All the time, I knew that Nonna already had it wrapped for her. That by far was her favorite gift tonight. Graham was in the same boat and has asked me about if an NFL size football would be under a tree and it was tonight. Now, I am not sure if that was his favorite or if it was his pocket knife or poster. Reagan seemed to be pretty pleased with her Bible that she can color in along with her art supplies. Campbell loved her big bed pillow that she received, and Anderson, well you know Anderson, he just loves any and all Legos. Now, Whitman was pretty pleased with the packing poppers that came in his boxes tonight. That was probably his favorite gift but his favorite real toy was his the mini muffins that match his toy pie that he plays with daily.
  • Oh, my favorite was a mop and Robby's favorite was feet for his yeti ice chest. We are exciting folks around here. Tonight, Robby was opening a present beside me. He said that it was from Jason. I briefly thought, "hmm, Jason has wrapping paper like me." Robby said he thought, "I think I recognize this box." Then when he opened this, he remembered ordering the camera bag inside. He pulled it out and I started to wonder, yes, yes, he opened the wrong package. The camera bag was a gift that we had bought for Jason!
  • The kids opened a few presents, and we all had dessert. Then it was time to head home. Since church was this morning, it was kind of nice to not feel rushed tonight. Once we came home, everyone went outside to throw our their reindeer food. 
  • Next up, we unloaded the car and everyone had time to set their presents out. Then we loaded up Santa's plate with cookies, took a picture of the kids in their matching pj bottoms and everyone headed to bed!

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