December 12, 2017

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  • Thankfully, Whitman slept very well last night. He coughed some before we went to sleep but afterwards, he was pretty quiet. At almost 8, I woke up and quickly saw that Graham was the only one awake. I returned myself to bed and seriously debated cancelling school.
  • Whitman was going to stay home since he was still sickly. I had almost decided that I would just let the kids sleep when Whitman started to stir and soon Campbell came to join us in our bed. I gathered everyone and as they ate in the school room I read our together work.
  • The kids worked better today than yesterday and didn't seem to be as distracted. I was able to pull out Campbell's school work for next month before lunch so that was huge on my to-do list.
  • By lunch time, Anderson was the only one still working on school. He almost finished but I can tell that he has a few things left to catch up on. After lunch, we did our chores and then headed out for an afternoon of shopping.
  • Last night, we ordered most of the big things that the kids were buying for their person but they had a few things left to pick up. Plus the girls, all bought presents for everyone. So we headed to the Dollar Tree. Everyone in Little Rock was there today as well but we found what we needed each trip.
  • I took Campbell, Keaton and Graham on the first trip and left the others at Grannymom's house. Then I traded and brought Whitman, Reagan and Anderson shopping. While we shopped, the others wrapped their presents with Grannymom which was wonderful. Reagan did get a few ideas for her person. Now, Whitman was determined that the person he was buying a present for must have buttons. We did indeed buy buttons!
  • We were able to run home before basketball and the kids played outside until it was time to leave. Robby took the basketball crew while Keaton and Reagan stayed outside playing. Whitman watched movies while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to accomplish as much as I could while it was quiet.
  • Whitman did help me decorate Anderson's birthday brownie before everyone came home. When they did come home, the kids joined the girls who were still outside playing. They played for a long while and finally came in to eat supper.
  • Afterwards, there was more present wrapping, report practicing and monkey bread making (for Campbell's report tomorrow). It was a busy evening and even though I should pull out my sewing machine tonight, I again think that I will wait just one more night! Maybe we could eat ice cream instead!

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