December 20, 2017

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  • Last night I told Robby that I was turning off my alarm clock and we could sleep in in the morning. Robby laughed at me saying that there would be no way we would get to sleep in. At 9, when we did finally start moving this morning, there were only 3 Dennie kiddos awake. This Christmas holiday stuff can make a person tired.
  • The kids played on their ipads while I did the dishes and laundry this morning. Then, I ran to Grannymom's house to work on a Christmas project. I was over there for about two hours and when I arrived back home, the girls had eaten their lunch and everyone had finished their chores.
  • Keaton and I did her reading book and then she made cookie dough to give to Campbell for her birthday tomorrow. Reagan and Campbell wrapped a present, Everyone played Left, Right, Center and we straightened the house one more time. 
  • Then we jumped into the car and headed to the Craft's house for their gingerbread house decorating party. There were more kids than I would even dare count. It was a blast! Traci had made a zillion houses and even though we arrived right on time, there was already a gaggle of kids working on their houses.
  • The kids had a great time and everyone's houses looked completely different. I was near Keaton and the boys. Whitman only needed me to spread icing on his and then he went to town. Keaton needed help with carrying out the plans in her mind and finding things. Everyone had eaten and licked their fill of icing before running to play in the yard.
  • When the party was over, Reagan left and headed to a cookie decorating party with some of her friends. She had a blast there and said that she was one of the best cookie decoraters. She brought home 7 cookies and was very excited to show them off to all of us when she came home,
  • We had already eaten supper and the kids were watching tv when Reagan came back. I was able to wrap a few presents. I only have about 3 more to wrap and after tomorrow's birthday party, I will be able to relax for the rest of this holiday season.
  • We pulled our Santa countdown, looked at some ornaments and even read a bit before bed. The boys left their tree lights on a bit at bedtime. Surprisingly, their bedroom seemed to be quieter than the girls tonight. Right now though, everyone's bedroom is quiet which means Ice Cream Time!

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