December 25, 2017-Merry Christmas!

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  • Late last night, we turned on the chime in the upstairs hallway so we could hear when anyone entered that hallway. And by golly, those kids were in that hallway a zillion times. Now, when I say "those kids" I really mean Graham! That boy was so excited about Christmas that he didn't sleep a wink and walked down the hallway frequently to go to the bathroom. 
  • Whenever Graham did walk down the hallway, the alarm in our room buzzed which woke us both up. We didn't so much mind that someone was awake upstairs but that is the same sound we hear when any outside door is opened in the house, so it always startles us if we hear it in the middle of the night-even when we know it is just a boy who is ready to see his gifts.
  • Before 7, I headed to the kitchen to put the monkey bread in the oven. I only had one bundt pan so I used an angel food cake pan as the other pan (mistake). We soon woke up the kids, who weren't asleep at all. Well, Whitman was asleep but he quickly jumped up when he heard what day it was.
  • Robby videoed the kids running into the living room which was crammed full of presents. We don't go crazy around here but just a few presents for each kiddo multiplied by 6 is a ridiculous amount. They are only kids once!
  • Everyone ran to their stockings and dumped them out. They were all pleased with all of the things inside. Whitman's favorite stocking gift was a can of shaving cream for him to play with in the shower. Campbell's favorite gift overall was from her stocking-a streamer on a stick. 
  • Just about as soon as we opened the stockings, we realized that something was burning in the kitchen. My angel food cake pan was pouring the liquid from the monkey bread onto the bottom of the oven. This was then burning and then entire kitchen was smokey. We told the kids to take a break on the present opening which was like trying to stop a moving train. 
  • Robby and I (mostly Robby) worked on cleaning the oven and putting the monkey bread back in the oven. In hindsight, I should have just waited and cooked one bread in the bundle pan and then the other (as we ended up doing) or lining the angel food cake pan with foil.
  • The kids were fine waiting on us since they were going over their stocking stuff. When we came back it was time to open the presents. Let's see how well I can remember things:
  • Reagan received a fit bit from Santa, a planner and movie tickets for her and her friends from us along with a sparkly bag and colors from Campbell.
  • Anderson received a race car track from Santa (Santa has a hard time pleasing him and might have not done so good this year either), a tool set and Legos from us, and a Cavalier's hat and a watch from Graham.
  • Graham opened a google mini from Santa, a tool set and a Golden State sweatshirt from us, and a Razorback duffel bag and a gallon of Gatorade from Keaton.
  • Campbell had baking supplies and a gift certificate for a cookie decorating class from Santa, doll bunk beds and a sticker book from us, and an apron, two little stuffed animals and buttons from Whitman. (If you remember, Whitman was so excited to give Campbell buttons and sure enough, when Campbell opened the box, she shouted "buttons!" And I swear, Whitman turned and looked at me like "see, I told you she would want those.")
  • Keaton received a treehouse for her Woodzeez from Santa, a sticker book and doll bunk beds from us, and a water bottle and stuffed animal from Anderson.
  • Whitman received magnets from Santa, a fort making kids from us, and a lap desk, play dirt, a little bear, and a toy microphone (the gift he had been asking for) from Reagan.
  • Robby racked up with some more socks and a sound bar while I opened post it notes (my favorite), a turquoise necklace and tennis shoes.
  • After we had opened presents, I went to work picking up the living room while Robby headed to the kitchen. Soon the grands and Jason started arriving. The kids were all excited to show off their presents. I think that they were all pretty pleased with their loot-it has been a big 3 days around here.
  • We ate our monkey bread, grapes, oranges, breakfast casserole and pineapple for breakfast. Then we went to work opening up presents and figuring out everything for the kids. I told Robby that since their presents are getting more technical, I can tell that things are easier for me. He handles the technical stuff so that is less for me to help with. 
  • The kids all had gifts to give to Nonna and Grannymom. Each one was something that the kids helped make and they were all so excited to watch them open their presents. When everyone did leave, we had about an hour to clean the kitchen, straighten the living room and get ready before heading to Dana's house.
  • The kids were already putting their stuff in their little piles before everyone arrived this morning, so they had some more time to make things nice and neat before lunch. At lunch time, Dana had three different types of chili for us all to enjoy. It is a perfect low key end to all of our Christmas festivities. Dana invites my parents and Jason so everyone is able to celebrate together for just a bit longer.
  • The kids brought over some of their new presents and they enjoyed seeing Lilly and Cash's new stuff as well. They played outside off and on but it was just way too cold out there. We stayed a while and then headed home. 
  • We worked on more presents this afternoon and almost didn't take down the tree. We forget why we do it-we enjoy the Christmas stuff when it is up and it doesn't bother us. But after Christmas, when the toy store has exploded in my living room, you just have to get rid of something. So the Christmas tree must go!
  • Robby and I went right to work on project tree take down. The kids played with their new stuff for a while and then the neighbors came out so they were occupied while we stole their last few minutes of Christmas. We de-Christmased everything downstairs before we loaded up to the Wilson's house.
  • Since my crew hadn't eaten, we brought bread and cheese and made grilled cheese sandwiches. Robby and I ate lots and lots of sweets. Shannon had some out and I had brought some as well. The kids played some inside but ended up going outside for a pretty long time. It was probably about 30 degrees but no one seemed to mind-I guess that they were moving around enough that they stayed warm.
  • It was nearly 11:30 when we came home. We had to drive home with the car light on so Whitman would stay awake even though it just takes two minutes to make it home. He was getting to sleep in his new tent, and I wanted him to remember it. I guess that is a good thing that we were out so late because he (and Graham who joined him in the tent) were too tired to talk or be silly as they went to sleep. 
  • It was a pretty wonderful Christmas day and I do think that all of my kiddos went to sleep tonight with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads!  

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